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Dear Phoenix,
When we speak, the effect is powerful and helps others realize truth. The video clip you just watched demonstrates this.

We absolutely must make all elected officials aware of the 5G problem. That it damages our health, our privacy, our rule of law, and our children’s ability to have a free future.

The 5G problem needs to be a main talking point of the U.S. presidential election — and all elections from now on.

Remember, they work for us.

In this newsletter we’re providing tools to help you effectively reach your elected reps. Let them know they’re accountable and liable to prevent harm, then provide direction and leadership to them, with resources to help them implement solutions to the 5G problem.

Breaking Story
Swiss Moratorium on 5G
by Josh del Sol

Responding to a nationwide revolt and demand for evidence-based action, Switzerland’s environmental agency has placed an indefinite moratorium on the use of 5G. Learn more…

Stopping 5G In Your Community
As community leaders around the world are advancing 5G awareness and accountability-related actions, we will be zeroing in on the most effective strategies. Much of our work in 2020 will be devoted to this.

In the meantime, here are some three useful resources in the battle to redirect 5G toward safe technology.

Note: These links are USA-based. While much of this influences the movement in other countries, we’re looking to expand our international coverage and support. To contribute updates from Australia, UK, Canada, Europe, or other regions, please email us.
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is Determined You Will Have 5G Telecom Technology
by Gary Null, Global Research

ALEC is an extension of industry. They’ve been writing laws. These laws can and must be repealed.

REPORT: Reclaiming Local Control Over Cellular Wireless Facilities in CO
by Dr. Timothy Schoechle, NISLAPP

This 20-page report outlines precisely how a group in Colorado are resolving the fundamental problem — including the ALEC laws! This is useful to share with your elected reps.

Updated 5G Municipal Legislative Code Template
by Americans for Responsible Technology

Our friends at Americans for Responsible Technology have also recently updated and released this sample 5G municipal code that they recommend for communities to bring to their elected reps across the country. Scroll then click the “Sample 5G Code”.

Noteworthy News
In January, an article I’d reposted 5 years ago went completely viral on TBYP, with over 500,000 views and 181k social shares. I feel this is truly indicative of what we the people are ready to demand: accountability from elected officials. People are waking up, with feelings like this:

“Elected reps, we’ve had enough. We are going to educate you on the problem, and invite you to be part of the solution. You will need to find your courage, just like us. We can do it together. But if you choose not to show up, we will hold you accountable for being complicit with the crimes that are stealing our lives.”

Here’s the article, fyi:

County board
From The Industry Side
Court News: Apple and FCC Under More Fire
Sometimes you just have to read the breaking story before it’s had a chance to be “updated”. (And with the good stuff, even doing the occasional “Save as…”)

Below is an excellent report on Law360.com from “Cohen et al. v. Apple Inc. et al.” – another new court case against telecom cronyism.

This article was modified after publishing. Use the handy formatting legend below to see if you can suss out what in the world could have caused their post-release edits. Note: The original title is retained below.

Have fun 🙂

bold strikethrough — these parts were edited out
bold blue — these parts were edited in later

* * *

US District Judge Alsup Laments ‘Dumb’ FCC In IPhone Radiation Suit

Law360, San Francisco (February 6, 2020, 6:34 PM EST) — U.S. District Judge William Alsup said Thursday he’s inclined to let a jury decide whether Apple fraudulently marketed iPhones as safe and exposed consumers to excessive radiofrequency radiation, slamming Apple’s reading of an FCC testing standard as a “terrible rule” and expressing disbelief that the agency “would be that dumb” saying he doesn’t think the agency would issue such “a terrible rule.”

Apple Inc. urged Judge Alsup at a hearing in San Francisco to dismiss a proposed class action alleging that it deceives consumers by marketing its phones for use on a person’s body despite radiofrequency radiation of the phones exceeding federal limits if used in that manner.

But Judge Alsup leaned away from dismissing the case and expressed his bewilderment as to why the Federal Communications Commission with Apple’s explanation that the Federal Communications Commission would allow testing for cellphone radiofrequency radiation emissions to be done anywhere between 0 millimeters and 25 millimeters away from the body.

The judge said he couldn’t believe that the federal agency’s guidelines truly allowed for such vast variability when it comes to the tests.

“I can’t believe the FCC would be that dumb. That’s a terrible rule,” Judge Alsup said Thursday in describing Apple’s characterization of the rule. “I can’t believe it can be manipulated like that.”

But Apple’s counsel argued that the proposed class action, filed in August, is preempted and that plaintiffs must take their issue up with the FCC directly.

The plaintiffs claim Apple fraudulently misrepresents and conceals that consumers who use its iPhones as marketed will be exposed to radiofrequency radiation levels exceeding the federal Specific Absorption Rate limit of 1.6 watts per kilogram and the risks of that exposure.

Plaintiffs say recent independent tests done by FCC-accredited labs have shown that iPhones exceeded federal limits for radiofrequency radiation emissions when used in close proximity to the body and that because the FCC doesn’t regulate Apple’s disclosures to consumers, plaintiffs’ claims are not preempted.

“Apple’s failure to tell consumers that, when used in everyday ways, the smartphones exceed federal safety limits is deceptive,” plaintiffs’ co-counsel Elizabeth A. Fegan of Fegan Scott LLP told Law360 on Thursday.

Plaintiffs allege that based on Apple’s misrepresentations, millions of people purchase their smartphones, carry them around all day and use them up against their skin, without being made aware of the health risks. Plaintiffs initially named Samsung as a defendant but voluntarily dismissed that company from their suit last month.

On Thursday, co-counsel for Apple told Judge Alsup that as recently as December the FCC had retested the phones and found them to be in compliance.

“The very same phones that plaintiff tested, the FCC found in compliance?” Judge Alsup said, clearly perplexed.

“Yes,” said Apple’s co-counsel.

“How could it possibly be that two certified labs can come to different results?” Judge Alsup said.

Apple’s co-counsel chalked up the different results to plaintiffs “cherry-picking,” saying the plaintiffs are carrying out their own tests, at different proximities from the body.

Allowing the case to move forward, Apple argued, would wreak havoc on a system that has been in place for decades.

But Judge Alsup appeared to be unconvinced by Apple’s argument.

“I’m inclined to say let’s find out and have a jury decide,” Judge Alsup said.

Judge Alsup said he might even allow for a laboratory to be set up inside his courtroom with independent experts brought in to oversee the tests.

Judge Alsup took Apple’s motion to dismiss under submission and scheduled a trial for July 2021.

Representatives for Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment Thursday.

Plaintiffs are represented by Elizabeth A. Fegan of Fegan Scott LLC and Jennie Lee Anderson of Andrus Anderson LLP.

Apple is represented by Jonathan S. Tam, Amisha Rajni Patel, Mark S. Cheffo and Christina Guerola Sarchio of Dechert LLP.

The case is Cohen et al. v. Apple Inc. et al., case number 3:19-cv-05322, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

–Editing by Orlando Lorenzo.

Correction: An earlier version of this story mischaracterized Judge Alsup’s comments about the FCC’s testing standard. The story has been corrected to reflect that the judge was characterizing Apple’s proposed reading of the FCC standard, and not the standard itself.

Update: The story has been updated to include additional counsel information.

Read more at: https://www.law360.com/articles/1241627

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