Praying Medic: Recent Qanon Posts (videos + article)

This is a compilation of recent Praying Medic QAnon analysis videos, with one written article (see comments).  I like the way he calmly explains what is transpiring both behind the scenes and right in front of us, and why appearances don’t always tell the whole story, which is often an important story that the MSM ignores. He connects the geopolitical dots and reassures us that due to the unprecedented scale of corruption by a few in high positions, and the wide scope of the investigations, it takes time to bring criminals to justice. But Barr, Horowitz, Durham and their teams are diligently doing just that. Meanwhile, Q drops clues and the Anons research and come up with answers that Q later verifies or redirects. This is why Patriots know in advance of the public what to expect. If you are paying attention, nothing will catch you by surprise or anger you, except when you realize you’ve been duped. Not by Q, but by the very leaders, institutions and complicit media outlets you’ve trusted for a long time. (Have you even noticed the volumes of arrests and resignations of CEOs and top officials? Many related to financial crimes or pedophilia?) We knew it was coming. It is an astounding amount of information to assimilate and track. That’s why I prefer to rely on a few people who can break it down for us in a clear manner that documents the events without sensationalizing them, since transparency is woefully lacking in our government and soundbite, biased media. This allows you to choose how much detail you are interested in. “The choice to know will be yours.” -Q #TheGreatAwakening  #EnjoyTheShow🍿

Qanon February 26, 2020 – America Is No Longer for Sale

Feb 26, 2020

What would happen if the previous President sold America’s future to foreign interests?

Calm Before the Storm:


Link to Quite Frankly interview with Nate Cain:…

6 thoughts on “Praying Medic: Recent Qanon Posts (videos + article)

  1. What is Q’s Purpose?
    Feb 19, 2020 | 26 comments

    Mainstream news outlets publish articles every week claiming to know Q’s purpose, and yet, each has completely missed the point of Q’s operation. In order to help you understand Q’s mission, I’d like to provide a simple analogy.

    Imagine a place named Westopia. Imagine that Westopia’s government is corrupt, but they’ve managed to hide it from the public. Westopia’s governing body, for example, approves contracts based on bribes that it receives from contractors. A contract to build a low-income housing project worth $250 million was awarded to Blue Sky Construction (no relation to any real company), which paid $25,000 in bribes to key government officials in exchange for the contract.

    Let’s imagine that Westopia has a paid military, and I’m a high-ranking member who specializes in intelligence. Our military conducts both foreign and domestic surveillance. The corrupt activities of politicians have been captured on video and stored on secure servers. Nothing has been done about corruption because the officials who have the power to make things right have always gone along with it. Until now.

    Westopia has now elected as its Executive, an outsider who knows about the corruption but has managed to avoid being involved in it. A plan was developed to expose these crimes. Because Westopia’s law enforcement is also involved in corruption, alerting them isn’t a good option. Instead, a decision was made to make citizens aware of the corruption and help them take back control of their government.

    Westopia has an anonymous internet messaging board that protects the identity of users, and it’s free of censorship. Rather than disclose corruption directly, military leaders will inform the public by posting clues on the message board that, when decoded, will allow citizens to discover the truth for themselves. We’ve planned out a series of messages that will be posted over the course of a year. This is our first message:

    Some of us come here to share the truth.
    There are dark things going on behind the scenes in Westopia that must be exposed.
    The highest levels of government are involved.
    Who knows their secrets?
    What is a contract?
    How are contracts awarded?
    Highest bidder?
    What is the salary of a public official?
    What is the net worth of JP, for example?
    Does he own a yacht?
    How is that possible?
    Sometimes a Blue_Sky foretells a storm.

    If you were a citizen of Westopia and you read this message, what would you think of it? The first few messages posted by the military would seem irrelevant to most people. But if, as time went on, the messages continued in the same manner, suggesting that illegal activities were taking place, more people would take them seriously. What would happen if photos were posted that hinted at corrupt activities? What would happen if the insiders answered questions and provided proof after proof that they had access to highly sensitive information?

    If you understand this illustration, you have some idea of the purpose of Q’s mission and the way in which it is being carried out.

    My research has led me to conclude that Q is, primarily, an open-source intelligence operation. In our society today, there is public corruption. Although some people are suspicious that such corruption exists, the full extent of the corruption and the negative effect it has on society have been hidden from the public’s consciousness. Q provides open-source information (intelligence) that can be used by average people to uncover the truth about it.

    Q operates inside a global community of people connected via the Internet. Each person operates in an area of specialization, contributing something unique to the community. Lawyers research legal matters. Graphic designers make memes. Air traffic controllers track aircraft of interest. Nearly everyone researches the subjects that are highlighted by Q. Bloggers, podcasters and YouTube broadcasters spread the information on social media.

    Because there are no identified leaders, no memberships, no rules, and no official narratives, the Q “movement” (if you can call it that) is an eclectic mix of people who seldom agree on details but choose to work together to uncover the truth and disseminate it. Each person makes a contribution when they share the information the community uncovers with their family, friends, and neighbors. No one’s contribution is greater or more important than that of another.

    If Q were interested in providing a one-way flow of information, he could simply set up a website and publish his information on it. Q posts on message boards because he wants a two-way dialogue. He asks questions of followers and confirms their research or points them in a different direction when needed. Fine-tuning research is critical to Q’s mission.

    Readers who follow Q are given pointers on various subjects and encouraged to research and assign meaning to them as they see fit. This allows each researcher to come to their own conclusions. Once a conclusion is reached, the meaning becomes personal. A personalized understanding of a subject leads to diversity of thought among peers. Each of us emphasizes the things we feel are important, while diminishing the importance of things someone else might value. With such diversity of opinion, discussions can become messy. Diversity of thought is a different dynamic from the groupthink that exists in much of society today.

    Q Can be Difficult To Understand

    Many people find Q’s posts perplexing. There are a number of reasons for that. The first reason is that Q uses a method of instruction that is rarely used today. In the second half of the 5th century BC, sophists were lecturers who used philosophy and rhetoric to entertain, impress, or persuade their audience to accept a point of view. The Greek philosopher Socrates used a different approach to teaching. The Socratic method is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals. The alternating asking and answering of questions is used to force critical thinking, the analysis of ideas, and the examination of underlying presuppositions. The Socratic method leads to hypothesis elimination; better hypotheses emerge by steadily identifying and eliminating weak ones or ones that lead to contradictions. Typically, a series of questions are introduced that are intended as tests of logic and fact. These questions help a person discover their underlying beliefs about some topic and identify beliefs that should be discarded.

    We live in a culture today where reporters write articles and record interviews conveying their understanding of a given subject to us. It’s more like a monologue; there is no debate involved. There is no examination of underlying beliefs. There is no testing of logic or investigation of the factual basis of statements. We’re expected to accept the facts as they are given to us by the presenter without questioning them. The presenter doesn’t merely tell us “the facts.” They also assign meaning to the facts. Whoever assigns meaning to information determines the public narrative on that subject. The media tend to interpret information in a way that supports an ideological belief system. If you accept a person’s presentation of facts, you’re more likely to accept their ideological beliefs.

    In contrast to the model of the mainstream media, Q uses the Socratic method. Using questions, he’ll examine our current beliefs on a given subject. He’ll ask if our belief is logical, then drop hints about facts we may not have uncovered, and suggest an alternative hypothesis. He may provide a link to a news story and encourage us to do more research. The information we need is publicly available. We’re free to conduct our research in whatever way we want. We’re also free to interpret the information however we want. We must come to our own conclusions because Q keeps his interpretations to a minimum. For many people, researching for themselves, thinking for themselves, and trusting their own conclusions can make following Q difficult. When you’re accustomed to someone telling you what to think, thinking for yourself can be a painful adjustment.

    Although Q has an ideological framework that is centered on freedom and justice, he provides information in a way that can be interpreted however one chooses. Indeed, a common criticism of Q is that his messages don’t impart any real meaning because they can be interpreted in virtually any way imaginable. The fact that we’re free to interpret Q’s information however we choose doesn’t mean there are no right or wrong answers. Q set up a system of communication where researchers can ask for clues or post the findings of their research and have theories verified. Many people have received confirmation or help from Q simply by posting their research on Twitter.

    Investigating the clues provided by Q is time-consuming work, but I’ve found that doing my own research, connecting the dots, and coming to my own conclusions helps me understand historical and current events in a more complete way.

    This is an excerpt from my book Calm Before the Storm.

  2. Qanon February 18, 2020 – It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer
    •Feb 18, 2020
    288K subscribers

    A review of Qanon’s posts that explain the alleged deal that Loretta Lynch was offered by Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac.

    Qanon February 16, 2020 – Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities

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