#QAnon, MicroChip and Cicada 3301. #FollowTheWhiteRabbit#QAnon, MicroChip and Cicada 3301. #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

Stumbled upon this…I heard about Titus but never paid the dispute much attention.  This makes me want to  just give up on geopolitics/truth and get back into meditation, nature, yoga, etc.

I was in the right place at the right time to experience Q drops from Day 1…but I still don’t know what to make of it, despite following it for years. Even if #QAnon is a psyop, as some have been saying for a while now, I think it has morphed into something else entirely…a movement, that is inspiring people to unite against injustice and expose criminality at high levels, because we see the double-standards in our law enforcement and judicial system.

However,  as a Truther, I could be wrong…I spend ridiculous amounts of time pursuing my quest to know “Truth”, whatever that is, and I have taken some detours that I later found out misled me.  So I plan to explore these links, hopefully before stuff gets taken down.

I am posting this as an alternative “rabbit hole” for people to explore and make up their own minds. Always good to look at a situation from different perspectives.  I draw no conclusions at this time.   ~PB

#QAnon, MicroChip and Cicada 3301. #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

Streamed live on Sep 6, 2018
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See the info for yourself. My first video about this in January 4th 2018, and the story is almost the exact same, video got pulled from YouTube for “bullying”, but it is still on bitchute, link via steemit article:

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#STWT Show 30 – #QAnon was Monty McGovern, North Korea, Iran, Hope Porn & The “Truth” Movement

in #stwt2 years ago
#STWT Show 30 – #QAnon was Monty McGovern, North Korea, Iran, Hope Porn
& The “Truth” Movementhttps://steemit.com/stwt/@titusfrost/stwt-show-30-qanon-was-monty-mcgovern-north-korea-iran-hope-porn-and-the-truth-movement?sort=new
stwt 30.jpg

Film Summary

This is the 30th STWT Show, I will be discussing a myriad of topics as always. I will be inviting the same people I normally invite on to discuss, so we may have a few truthers on or I could be flying solo. We shall see who joins live.

I will be discussing who Q Anon was, William Monty McGovern, and to the best of my ability I will explain what the situation was and why I won’t be covering it anymore.

Q Anon Links:

  1. William Monty McGovern: https://math.washington.edu/people/william-monty-mcgovern
  2. William Monty McGovern FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/monty.mcgovern
  3. Q Anon Identity revealed: https://youtu.be/jeSfDOvSg10
  4. Q Drive: https://youtu.be/AQdpNrTuEMc
  5. The “BOTWA” Show = Bunch of Trolls Award Show = Bunch of narcissistic pricks who have never done anything but waste people’s time, decide to give awards to people actually doing real shit: https://youtu.be/Ja5BlIx39z0

Op Safe Winter Up Date:

I will be discussing the #OpSafeWinter event I will be doing, I have purchased 48 backpacks worth of materials to hand out to the homeless. So far thanks to the Steemit fundraiser I have bought: 48 backpaks and these items to fill them thus far: emergency mylar blankets, fleece blankets, winter hats, wool socks, gloves, and prolly like one or two items I forgot while writing this, I still have $800 in the budget for food items to add. So we will have 48 completely packed backpacks to hand out, filled with clothing and food for the homeless in Boston. Please contact me @ ImperatorTruth@startmail.com if you would like to join the 5 person team I would like to gather to hand out the bags. I have also sent the Church in Myanmar $400 USD from the fundraiser through @Run2Christ.

Important to note, we are not just going to be throwing backpacks at homeless people and yelling allah akbar or something, we are going to actually individually hand them out and sit down and talk with each person, this is about making a connection and lifting someone’s spirits not just handing out bags. It is the hand up we are giving people and the fact that they know we care about them that will matter more than the bags we are handing out.

Other News Topics Discussed:

  1. My Plans Hopes and Dreams by @cfs.leaks: https://steemit.com/pedogate/@cfs.leaks/m
  2. How to Survive a Phish by @facelikethesun: https://steemit.com/money/@facelikethesun/how-to-survive-a-phish-my-ether-wallet-omisego-airdrop-scam-got-me
  3. State Police in PA tell Medical Marijuana Users to Turn in their Guns by @TFTproject: https://steemit.com/news/@tftproject/state-police-tell-medical-marijuana-patients-to-turn-in-their-guns-or-be-arrested
  4. City Tells Man to Stop Sheltering the Homeless by @TFTProject: https://steemit.com/news/@tftproject/city-tells-man-to-stop-sheltering-the-homeless-from-the-cold-or-they-ll-take-his-house
  5. Jeff Sessions regression attack on Cannabis for the Prison Industrial Complex by @DwinBlood: https://steemit.com/politics/@dwinblood/jeff-sessions-regressionary-attack-on-marijuana-make-america-great-again-prison-industrial-complex
  6. I talked about the Iran Protests and I would send people to this video by @CorbettReport for more: https://youtu.be/7Gz7o20p7rI
  7. China Reportedly is Rushing Troops to the North Korean Border by @TFTProject: https://steemit.com/news/@tftproject/china-reportedly-rushing-troops-tanks-to-n-korean-border-in-preparation-for-war

Plus Much More. Tune in.


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3 thoughts on “#QAnon, MicroChip and Cicada 3301. #FollowTheWhiteRabbit#QAnon, MicroChip and Cicada 3301. #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

  1. Ambient Background Music – Cicada 3301
    •Dec 7, 2015
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    This was the first and full version of the track called Cicada 3301
    It was in a different key and without the morse code
    To the final mix and the one used in the Top5s Video

    If you wish to use any of my music all I ask is that you credit me in your description and send me a YouTube message at my YouTube account so I can see how it fits with your project!

    This music was Recorded for people to use in they YouTube videos film Presentations and Documentaries
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    Thank you very much for listening!


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