Tania Gabrielle: Powerful FIRST Mercury Retrograde of the Decade


It’s fitting that you are receiving this newsletter a couple of days late, given the powerful impact of Mercury retrograde in Pisces!

My websites were down for a few days – and fortunately I had a way to distract myself while traveling with Clara back East. On Monday, hours after Mercury stationed direct, the websites were all up and running again… hooray!

So, on to our first Mercury retrograde of 2020:

The decade’s inaugural Mercury retrograde begins in Pisces and dips into Aquarius.

A fitting start as we move from the Piscean age into the Aquarian age in the 2020’s.


Mercury Retrograde began on February 16/17. Notably…

  • Mercury stationed at 12° Pisces in the 12th Sign.
  • Mercury forms an amazing conjunction to Neptune, ruler of Pisces.
  • Since Mercury was part of the Capricorn Stellium (Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Mercury), the first retrograde wields an even greater impact.

In this new Star Codes episode we dive into the gifts, lessons and opportunities that Mercury Retrograde has in store for us!

Given that the final Mercury retrograde of the LAST decade was in Scorpio, another WATER sign, the cleansing, healing, and connecting are even stronger now.

Discover how Mercury over the next three weeks will enhance your life through surrender and reflection, invite you to be a divine conduit and cleanse old unconscious energetic patterns from your life.

This is a powerful episode.

Watch the Mercury Retrograde Star Code forecast HERE.
Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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