UPDATE: I removed the “Bill Woods/Kerry Cassidy” post but then re-posted, as the intel is pertinent to this update.

I am listening to this update (one of several). Same guy, he did serve in the military, his name is Bill Brockbrader, explaining what this whole intelligence gathering and distribution thing was about…much of his story as told to Kerry is true, but it was part of a psyops plan with a supposed NSA contact to draw out assets to learn more of the inner workings of the cabal…about how the Corporations control governments and create terrorism through conflicts…war profiteering and the creation of debt slavery. Both sides are being financed by the same people. As you see the big picture, you see the financial world in a new light, and how we are manipulated. MSM is manipulated to keep us distracted and in conflict with one another.

He says there is something amazing, so big and so secret that no one knows what it it is, but it is disrupting Corporate control of society….also, he says none of us have any really important info to share, if we did we’d be arrested, or they’d come after us.

He talks about the rash of corporate suicides, the roles of Agents and Assets, blackmail and the world of finance, oil, futures, etc. and how they manipulate prices for profit. This group..and others..are trying to expose and overthrow those who perpetuate this prison planet that keeps humanity in conflict and unable to thrive.

I need to sleep but may revisit this…



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