Daykeeper Journal January 2020 Astrology

JANUARY 17-24, 2020


It seems paradoxical that Aquarius, a fixed
sign, is one of the most open-minded signs of
the zodiac. Fixed signs tend to become
entrenched, stubborn, and impossible to
budge. But in another way this makes sense,
because the fixity of Aquarius is in its most
Aquarian attributes: its belief in freedom,
justice, and dignity for all, in its openness
to the world and to all people, of any class,
age, race, religion, or background, and its
willingness to engage with new ideas. Mercury
just hot-footed into Aquarius this week.

Mighty Sun joins the messenger planet there
on Monday. Then on Thursday, we have an
Aquarian-Uranian-fixed-signapalooza: Aquarius
Sun squares Uranus, ruled by Aquarius, but
now in fixed-sign Taurus. Think of butting
heads, insoluble arguments at the dinner
table, wide-ranging, sudden and potentially
shocking changes of circumstance. Watching
out for our own and others’ intractability
will serve us well. So will leaping on the
Aquarian hayride and joining in a rousing
sing-along of “This Land Is Your Land.” And
meaning it!

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– Susan Pomeroy

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