Darshna Siva‎: ✨Welcome as we wake up to 12-12 and the last full moon in Gemini.

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7 hrs

✨Welcome as we wake up to 12-12 and the last full moon in Gemini.

It can be scattered with too much thinking or it can be more of a dive in, finding facts and learning could be highlighted.

In this current climate of change the more you understand of that within you and how it plays out around it, how the collective is morphing and changing and which shift you want to be in, the better armed we are to shift into the new waves and 2020 epic stormy growth and change.

Chiron is back forward reminding us of choices we have to move onward.

Venus has aligned and aligns with Saturn and Pluto getting us to review our relating with people and fortune.

So much is boiling and breathing and dying take some time to calm the mind and come in from all the havoc around you.

In two weeks time, we have a Solar eclipse, New Moon, in Capricorn, think back to July 2019 when we had the lunar eclipse in Capricorn, how much has changed? how have you changed?

Twin energies birth the need for us to see opposites of the coin we all be!

🌸 Bestowing blessings healing and many prayers for all of us to share.🌸

#astrology #fullmoongeimi #bothsides

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