Celia Fenn: Gemini Full Moon

4 hrs Β·

Gemini Full Moon.


The Last Full Moon of the Decade.


Within the 3/3/3 Portal/corridor and just before the 12/12/12 tomorrow.

The Full Moon will amplify energies, especially on the mental and emotional level. Now is not a good time to get pulled into emotional “stuff”. Stay calm and centered in the Heart. Connect with the Field of Love and focus on what is Peaceful and beautiful.


There are deep and powerful energies moving through right now with a theme of completion.

We are finishing up an intense period of spiritual work and preparing for the next phase. The Soul Embodiment phase completes tomorrow at the 12/12/12 with a powerful activation of Diamond Light Codes.


So, if you feel you are in a crazy place and everyone around you is also in a crazy place…..just stay calm and focused.


You may feel a little physically unbalanced, as though the ground is shifting beneath your feet. It probably is…….
You may be hearing high pitched tones or humming sounds together with ear pain as the new codes intensify and reach different and new pitches and open new frequencies.
Your most important “work” now is simply to notice what comes up and asks to be released and completed.
I think what we will begin to see soon is the “collective illusion” beginning to fail. So far, the idea of “normality” has held up, as the ego mind/emotions have insisted that everything is the same. But now, as more and more people awaken and connect with a soul based reality, we begin to see the true nature of the “game of illusion” and that we can all detach from it and create our own reality that aligns more with who we are, who we know we are, and what we choose to create.
At this Glorious Full Moon, the Human Angelic Tribes and the Starseeds are leading the way into a new Reality that is slowly emerging and manifesting.
May the Gemini Full Moon with Sun in Sagittarius light our way forward!
Love to all of you on this Full Moon.

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