Tania Gabrielle: This DECADE is almost OVER


Yes… Less than 47 days left of this DECADE! Amazing!

This is the time to plan the end of your year.

With the sign of planning, manifestation and leadership – Capricorn – getting activated in a powerful way at the onset of 2020, you have some valuable time to contemplate your direction.

  • What precious PROJECTS do you want to complete before the year ends?
  • Who do you want to contact, SHARE more time with?
  • What do you need to RELEASE – and forgive?
  • Which GOALS do you want to accomplish financially?
  • How are you welcoming LOVE and JOY in your life?



Set yourself up now by elevating your vibration for the coming extraordinary new decade.


Mercury is still retrograde in Scorpio for a few more days (stationing direct on Wednesday), so the intensification of truth and purging old, stale habits is in your favor.


End your year with lightness and clarity!

Keep your highest intentions at the FOREFRONT of your consciousness.

You’re about to complete this decade.

Ending the decade emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually cleansed and free of regrets is so important.


Let go of hurts.

Free your mind of insecurities.

Embrace your desire to freely explore all the juicy opportunities life has to offer.

Focus on financial flow that is generated from deep passion and fulfillment.

While meditating, ask how to prepare yourself for the visionary 2020’s.


  • Identify what LIBERATION means to you.
  • Figure out how to feel open and excited about 2020. 

The FUTURE is BRIGHTER and more BEAUTIFUL than you can imagine…

A new vision, vibration, vitality is taking root in your HEART.

It is happening right now.

You have 47 days to clear out old paradigms, set intentions for new directions and step fearlessly into the your spiritual commitments.

47 days to cleanse and release the past decade.


Then the amazing Transformation begins…

Having access to a ROADMAP of the life-changing star code alignments in 2020 is highly recommended so you can stay on top of all the important celestial events all year long BEFORE they happen.


All is revealed for you in the 2020 Ultimate Yearly Forecast livestream event.

  • In 2020 we are going to experience the greatest event in the stars in 500 years (even in the year of 1518 the stellium in Capricorn wasn’t this powerful!). 
  • For that reason alone (and so many more), this 3-hour online livestream event is going to be the most important preview and yearly Star Code guide I’ve ever given…
  • We cover both your PERSONAL and UNIVERSAL Forecasts in th stars and numbers.

Join me for the most important 2020 Ultimate Yearly Forecast on December 10.


Take advantage of the Early-Bird Subscriber’s Discount while it is still available!


Love and Blessings,


Tania Gabrielle


P.S. We’ll be recording the livestream, so no worries if you can’t make it “live” – you’ll have access to a replay. There’ll even be a Q&A at the end of the event for your personal questions! Go ahead and watch this event preview video.



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