The Oracle Report by Laura Walker




The Oracle Report

Friday, November 8, 2019
Recorded report at:

Thursday, November 7, 2019
Another freestyle report today:

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Today’s report is recorded.  I go into a couple of grander things – Uranus conjunct the Chiron Point and Mars square Pluto. 19 minutes.

Monday, November 4, 2019
First Quarter Moon Phase:  the time of the cycle when we step out of our comfort zone and take action
Moon in Aquarius
Skill: be like the wise owl in a tree and be like the tree (witness, remain firmly grounded); engage instincts and a sense of determination
True Alignments/Higher Octaves:  moving into new areas or ways of thinking, genuine, making progress, solutions, data collection, self sufficiency, providing assistance, honoring your voice, missions, seeing the unknown as an adventure that is unfolding, letting go of a fear
Catalysts for Change/Lower Octaves:  lies, overly-demanding, avoiding being around people, busy bodies, solving other’s problems and not working on one’s own problems, message lost in translation or static, superficial, doing something before one is practiced or ready, not accepting help
Theme for the Astrological Month: 05 Scorpio –  “a massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea” (erosion of the status quo/establishment)
Theme for the Astrological Year: 16 Aries – “fairies dancing in the setting Sun” (beginning of the end of the nwo)

Mars is in square to Pluto through tomorrow, bringing some intensity to this already-intensive month of the “rocky shore being pounded by the sea.”

Mars is exactly opposite the Eris Point, and Pluto is in exact square with it.  We know when planets are aspecting the Eris Point,  the cabal makes moves and pins those moves on something else.  This time, we have the fires in California.  The fires are a false flag against Mother Nature to forward what is most likely, on one level, a land grab.  There are many agendas with it, we can be sure.  Much love to all who are dealing with this.

Additionally today, we also have the following themes:

1 – SOMETHING NOT WORKING?  TRY NEW COMBINATIONS.  The Sun is discharging “an inventor performs a laboratory experiment.”  This tells us to rearrange various elements of the situation to come up with a new solution.  How can something be re-worked?  What are the other possibilities?  Is there another way you can test out?

Tests, by the way, are happening all around.  This is another story…

2 – RELEASE OF A BURDEN – As the Earth discharges “a porter carrying heavy baggage,” we have a day where we can put down what weighs us down.  Is there something that is weighing you down?  Does something feel like a burden or like drudgery?  Are your efforts appreciated?  Pay attention to anything that  is not fitting into your equation.

3 – SPEAKING YOUR MIND – Mercury returns to 27 Scorpio, “a military band marches noisily through the city streets.  This energetic finds us wanting to be heard – to make something known.  We feel like we want to express our opinion or concern.

The key to this today is in the delivery.  Instead of making demands, consider an open discussion where all are able to express what they think and feel.

Something big may “drop” today.

4 – STEP BY STEP ACTION – Because massive changes are happening, things can seem overwhelming and paralyzing.  Massive changes occur just like smaller changes – one step at a time.  If something is daunting you, just take one step with it to get you on the path.  Then repeat by taking another small step.  This wisdom comes to us courtesy of Venus discharging 04 Sagittarius – “a little child learning to walk.”

Tomorrow, Venus will reach 05 Sagittarius – “an old owl up in a tree.”  This is also the Sabian symbol for the next cycle – the Sagittarius cycle.  So tomorrow will foreshadow the month of December and what we might have in store.

Also today, Jupiter has moved to 25 Sagittarius and is getting so close to conjunction with the Galactic Center.  Things will be heaven-sent soon.

Jupiter is now discharging “a chubby boy on a hobby horse.”  This energetic reiterates our need to take things one step at a time to have genuine progress, instead of just doing things willy nilly and getting nowhere.  We want to THINK about our trajectory or plan and break things down into smaller tasks.

Ok, wise owls, we can easily do this.  Rearrange and try new combinations for greater success, speak our minds and listen to others, and break things down into smaller tasks.  Use your instincts and engage an attitude of determination for lovely new combinations in life.

Let’s change our experience to something better.

Friday, November 1, 2019
Crescent Moon Phase:  persevere through challenges
Moon in  Capricorn
Skill:  be like a wise owl in a tree and be like the tree; let the Resonance Principle guide you

True Alignments/Higher Octaves:  trusting, shared history, triaging tasks according to what needs to be done the most, helping others, healing, clues from past experience, rectification, establishing new ways of doing things

Catalysts for Change/Lower Octaves:  fussy, overdoing, lack of depth, disconnected from emotions, living in the past, rationalizing strategies, isolating self, taking unfair advantage of others, feeling “wronged,” explosive outburts

Theme for the Scorpio Cycle:  05 Scorpio – “a massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea” (changes to the establishment/status quo)

Theme for the Astrological Year:  16 Aries – “fairies dancing in the setting Sun” (beginning of the end of the nwo)

The Resonance Principle of “like attracts like” is strongly in effect today, bringing in energetics for reunions and reunification.  This happens as veterans are experiencing a stirring in their spirits.

The Sun is discharging 10 Scorpio, “a fellowship supper reunites old comrades,” and Venus is discharging “retired Army veterans gather to reawaken old memories.”  Both symbols speak to a renewal and refreshment that comes from joining with others of like mind, experience, and allegiance.  People come together under these energetics.

The symbols also tell us to move on from living in the past.  Truly, nothing is the way it used to be.  We are learning to do things differently while at the same time strengthening the bonds of shared values.  We are lifting ourselves to new levels, despite the all-out blitzkrieg of archontic forces of madness.

Madness and lunacy are also present today with Venus also discharging “children in Halloween costumes indulging in various pranks.”  I daresay we never saw a Halloween quite like the one we had yesterday.  This energetic can take people beyond the edge of what is acceptable and appropriate to sane people.  We remember that Uranus is activated this cycle, so we are expecting the unexpected all month.  We are not surprised by all of the tricks or any false flags.

Some are crossing a line and rationalizing their behavior.  The Earth is discharging “a red cross nurse.”  While this energetic brings compassion and care, it also prompts people to break boundaries and cross into dark places to satisfy a need (or what is believed to be needed).  It’s a complex energy.  It is also riding alongside the “veterans” energetics.

After completing discharge of “two men placed under arrest,” Mars now begins to discharge “a gang of robbers in hiding.”  Mars is getting close to exact opposition to the Eris Point and the energetics of justice, truth, and rebirth.  In Greek mythology, Mars (Ares) and Eris are twins and rulers of the battlefield.

This month may feel like a battle with the Sabian symbol theme for the month of “a massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea.”  The “old ways” of the “control establishment” are being pummeled and a new experience is emerging.

Mercury continues to discharge “the King of the Fairies approaching his domain.”  Big Daddy is on the way.  Perhaps this is why we see archons gone so wild these days.  They don’t want their party to be over.

This report is kind of “heady,” so I will try to bring it down to practical application.  The energetics today advise us to gravitate toward like minded people, places, and things, and to express our allegiance to ourselves and a Higher Order.  Incorporate compassion, but do not be taken advantage of.  Remember – the fellowship of humanity is not the enemy.  The enemies are the archontic forces that are infiltrating people and driving them mad.  Guard yourself.  Reject ugly acts.

And hold the line that truth and love prevails.  It always does and it always will – no matter how many archons are unleashed on us.  Big Daddy is returning home.

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