#EnergyUpdate #GalacticIntelligence


Nov 6, 2019
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#EnergyUpdate #GalacticIntelligence

**Everything I share is my perspective, my own interpretation of the energies and messages that I receive from the Oversoul aspect, my own guidance, experiences & insights- I’m not here to convince anyone of anything, not interested. These messages are for whoever is guided & resonates. And this channel is for sharing & connecting.

The Galactic Cosmic Rays coming from the Density wave transmitted from the Galactic Center are coming through much easier due to the instability of the magnetic field of the Sun and opening of the energy field from the last 12 day portal. This will continue along with Solar activity in between🤗 Lots of beautiful energy coming in for those who can see it, hear it & feel it. Many will be communicating with the 9D Monad point & transmissions directly connected to the Galactic Center.. “linking up” with Galactic Intelligence. This is happening naturally Guided by the soul & 5D Higher Self but more intensively for those who have been accessing these inner dimensions of the brain & consciousness through regular meditation & alchemy practices along with consistent control of mental activities/thoughts. Everyone is connected to God/Universal Mind.. it just can take time/inner work to deepen that connection.

Quick Meditation:

Get comfy, you can put on some 528 Hz from youtube, close your eyes & talk your body into relaxation. Take your time with this so you get into a passive relaxed state. Speak out loud or mentally “my feet are relaxed, my knees are relaxed, my legs are relaxed, my stomach is relaxed, my back is relaxed, etc…..” (I do this with my entire body & organs)

Breathe into and through your body.. imagine your breath coming in from your feet, your legs, knees, stomach, arms, etc…

Imagine a perfect circle of golden light around you, entering your body through all angles and forming a ball of light just below your rib cage. Breathe in slowly and allow the energy move throughout the body. Breathe in from the base of your spine slow and deeply and imagine a spiral of energy reaching the top of your head, breathe out and allow the energy to drop back down to the base of the spine. (you can do this a few times)

Anytime you feel pulled in a different direction with your thoughts- speak to your body to relax and begin breathing in through and from different parts of the body.

After you are relaxed, and in a passive state, this is the best time to imagine/visualize… getting into the feeling of the wish fulfilled sends the creative force in that direction. Be mindful of what you want for others- ONLY wish good for others, see everyone in their highest desired potential with love/compassion. Wish health, love, happiness and success for everyone because they are you!

That is Oneness.

Books that are helpful:
Emmet Fox- Find and Use Your Inner Power
Emmet Fox- The Mental Equivalent
Emmet Fox- 7 Day Mental Diet
Joseph Murphy- Quiet Moments with God
Neville Goddard- Be What You Wish
Neville Goddard- 5 Lessons
Joseph Murphy- Magic Of Faith
—There are so many others out there and online & for free through YT as audiobooks

***Focus on what is uplifting, helpful, healthy and loving. We get no where by thinking of what’s wrong with everything or the world- we only keep re-enforcing the creation of that energy consciously or unconsciously— Cosmic Law. I think mastering our thoughts while still being present & emotionally connected, is a life long journey.

And here’s an article about Mercury transit face of the Sun:…


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