Sophia Love: The things we’ll have to forgive

There are so many things to forgive.

As our social media feeds light up with validation of what we have suspected for many years, we become outraged, horrified and so, so saddened.

Our worst suspicions are now trending.

We are told they are but tips of deeply hidden icebergs.

This may feel like a sinking Titanic, yet it will not go under.

It is being held afloat by angels. It is being propelled aloft with powerful emanations from light beings. It is lit up with the seeds of the stars, here to carry it through.

We see the iceberg this time. It is not a surprise for us; not crashing into us in the dead of night.

We’ve been broadcasting its location for

Some of us, those early trail blazers, have already gone on. They left a trail of warning lights for us, lighting our way.

There will be calls for executions. These will seem, at first, to be the only solution.

Yet, and remember this part, the energy we conclude this era with, now becomes the soil for our next season of growth.

Our new world will not be built on blood-soaked streets.

The reason for this post is easily explained now…

This is a call to exercise caution in the days ahead. It is a plea for wisdom in our responses. It is a reminder to hesitate before condemnation and instant solution.

He who hesitates is not lost. He who hesitates, instead finds time to discover answers that promote growth. We cannot just kill what we don’t like. We are here now seeking transformation, not merely destruction.

We have come to create something new.

This new world rests in our hearts, not our heads.

Our eyes and ears are stuck now – like deer caught in headlights – unable to look away from the horrors committed against humanity. Announcements are everywhere, begging for reaction.

Remember, you are weakest when you react.

Caution will enable a more reasoned approach. Soon it will seem that EVERYONE is implicated. How deep does this corruption and evil and greed and horror go???

There are reasons for actions. Whether we know of them our not, they exist.

The truly evil will be evident to us all, and yes, it is time for their exit. Those who acted to save their own lives, or the lives of their families, are guilty as well. There are levels of cooperation though; actions committed from desire and then actions taken out of fear. Discernment is needed in each case.

The perpetrators need calling out, for certainly the time for secrecy has long passed.

Fellow light carriers and star seeds, you are here to show the way.

To offer hope and guidance in all aspects of disclosure, during every part of this shift and in each corner of our world; to lay a strong and stable foundation for a new and compassionate planet.

You must get out there. It is time for you to show up. Share your hearts. The world needs you now.

You ARE the ones.

You have anchored the light.

It is done.

With appreciation for all that you are,

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