Oct 30, 2019
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I hope you all like my drawing😁😁 it’s the only way I can kinda explain how this looks in my mind & why I call these New Moon & Full Moon portals and how they affect the Suns magnetic field.

**Galactic Cosmic Rays are coming in easier and stronger due to the changes with the magnetic field of the Sun and the shifting into the new Sun cycle. I saw a massive activation & change with the Sun in December that links up the collective consciousness with the planet in a more interactive way, more connected to nature, the elements, the Sun, planets, Etc….. this, it feels, is integrated until Feb. 20, 2020 where this link up is more consciously known & experienced. And of course we have the energy from the alignments in January as well. –I haven’t been excited about an eclipse in a longggg time, but December 25th Eclipse looks & feel beautiful, very excited!! Some (not all) are linking up to their Oversoul/Monad directly & consciously, those that are focusing on One, All being One, are shifting into higher dimensiomal timelines alot quicker after this eclipse

30/31st- 13th day of Ben cycle, Mercury Retro in Scorpio, til Nov 20th then shadow. The Moon is crossing Jupiter & the Galactic Center on Halloween as well.🤗

Nov 1st- All Saints Day Nov 1st-13th is the Cimi/Death cycle: Here’s more info on the energy of this 13 day cycle below:

Nov 2nd- All Souls Day, will be celebrated on 11/3 for many

Nov 3rd- planetary energy, group experiences, collective, rituals, magic, manifestations, completion– within Cimi 13 day cycle. I found it interesting the way Trump mentioned “11 kids rescued, 3 were not” (someone sent me a clip of his speech) like it is to connect timelines.

Nov 4th- last day of 12 day portal. And then the Solar Activity chills out for a minute

Jupiter will be conjuncting the Galactic center with Venus in November expanding more of these Galactic/Source energies- which will be so beautiful & uplifting in helping in creating the new higher dimensional relationship template within the collective consciousness.

Some feel shifts in energy a lot easier than others because there is a merge that takes place with the energy body & the physical body where you start becoming more sensitive of what your energy body is picking up on like: shifts with your environment, solar activity, Galactic cosmic rays, psychic impressions in the atmosphere, what’s happening collectively, shifts with the planetary field, astral currents, the elements shifts, with weather etc…. literally everything speaks to you.

Thank you for your support!

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