Praying Medic: How the Whistleblower Complaint Helps the Great Awakening

Praying Medic: How the Whistleblower Complaint Helps the Great Awakening

The 2016 election of Donald Trump wasn’t just another 4-year election. Ever since he announced he was running for the White House, the world has become increasingly polarized around him. I know many people who have lost friends or who have become alienated from family members over their support for the President. Some have wondered if we aren’t headed for civil war.

Rush Limbaugh said we are currently engaged in a cold civil war. Rather than using guns and explosives, we wound each other with words. Instead of wearing uniforms identifying us with the north or the south, our affiliation is either anti or pro-Trump. It is an ideological war. A battle over ideas.

There are many goals in this war. The one I’m most interested in has to do with educating average people (normies) who have been deceived by corrupt leaders. Having recently awakened from my own stupor, I want to help them see the truth if they are willing. There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding the deception that has been used against us by corrupt leaders.

The recent “whistleblower” report and its investigation by the Intelligence Community Inspector General concerning the phone call between Donald Trump and the President of Ukraine is helping to educate normies. News stories regarding this scandal ask average people to understand the role of an Inspector General, how whistleblower complaints are filed and how they’re investigated. To understand this story, normies must dig into the inner workings of the intelligence apparatus more than they are accustomed to. If corruption exists inside the system, they’re likely to find it.

The whistleblower scandal provides a manageable tutorial on how the pieces of an investigation into alleged wrongdoing in the intelligence community come together.

Normies may have ignored the DOJ Inspector General reports on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation and its investigations of Andrew McCabe and James Comey. The coming IG report on FISA abuse will be difficult to ignore because there’s a greater probability that it will lead to resignations & indictments of those in power. It’ll be difficult to understand because of its broad scope and complexity. But having some familiarity with the process because of the whistleblower complaint, the coming IG report should be easier for normies to digest. It isn’t critical for them to understand every detail of the report. They only need to understand how the intelligence apparatus was used by corrupt people for illegal purposes.

The learning curve will be steeper for the Clinton Foundation investigation which, in a May 31st interview, Attorney General Barr said was “winding down.” Q has suggested that the order of operations for the public unveiling of these investigations was chosen for specific reasons. Those who control the timing of these events want to give normies a chance to come up the learning curve before the complexities of the Clinton Foundation investigation are made public.

Corruption has become pervasive in society because average people are unaware of its true nature. (If you’re a truther, and you’ve been aware of the problem of corruption, you’re years ahead of 95% of the population.) Although the average person may suspect that corruption exists to some degree, it is in fact, far more pervasive and far more damaging than they realize. In order for corruption to be permanently eradicated from society, average people must become aware of how it became entrenched in society and how severe it is. (I’m aware of the fallen nature of man and how it inevitably leads to immoral, unethical and illegal behavior but a justice system that punishes corruption with indifference to power or popularity is a powerful deterrent.)

I don’t believe the current whistleblower investigation was planned as a learning opportunity for normies but it is being used that way. Those who surround the President are skilled at using the attacks of his enemies to educate the world about corruption.

I realize many people don’t care about educating normies. They only want to see arrests. But there are two parts to this operation and they are equally important.

The Great Awakening is a public education campaign designed to make average people aware of just how corrupt their governments have become and how people in positions of power created a two-tiered system of justice to protect themselves from prosecution.

The Storm is the removal of the two-tiered system of justice and the prosecution of corrupt people in positions of power.

I interpret the current impeachment inquiry against the President as a sign that his enemies feel their time is running short. We know that Attorney General Bar will soon release declassified documents exposing corruption. We know the DOJ IG report on FISA abuse is about to be released. U.S Attorney’s Huber’s investigation into matters related to Hillary Clinton has concluded and the indictments are waiting to be unsealed. U.S Attorney John Durham has been investigating multiple matters of corruption, including, as we learned a few days ago, how Ukraine may have interfered in the 2016 election.

In other news, Codemonkey is hopeful that 8chan will be back online soon. Perhaps Q will return when it is.


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