Aluna Ash- 9D: Current Energy & Other Messages 8/31

Current Energy & Other Messages 8/31

Published on Aug 31, 2019

#SolarStorm #SacredSecretion #WaterSpeaking

I share my perception on what I experience, what I feel & info I receive from the Universe- and my perception has been evolving moment to moment lately. Go within yourself & feel what resonates. 💜

More & more will be seeing with their etheric sight..experiencing more colors in their enviorment. This will pick up even more with the peak of the new Sun cycle. I was shown how the sky will look often in the coming years- its bright rainbow colored sky & air. I’ve been noticing the fibers or chaneels in the etheric bodies of others look like they are moving more over this last week- like they are becoming more sensitive. Theres also more color in the energy moving through the air. The vibration of sound and thoughtforms looks different- the color is more vibrant. I started noticing this in the Trees first over a month ago. Now the water is a focus. Like the Water is speaking like the Trees were. The elements exist within us. You can feel the elements through pulses & your own energy..we are the microcosm of the macrocosm. Going silent for a day, 2, 5,10 days, etc.. is so helpful to see & feel more.

*During the descending cycle we as humans actually became the two charges in our gender form in an imbalanced way, one more then the other. Male=masculine electric charge, Female= female magnetic charge. This is why there has been more dominance with the masculine gender during the old paradigm. Now balance is coming back… Where there won’t be control, dominance or distortion of spirituality for many that are choosing to empower themselves. Because the male body in the physical has dominated religion/spirituality in the last cycle, we have to heal our subconscious anger & resentment connected to that experience, and it starts by balancing the male/female energies within ourselves. Male/females of all backgrounds, cultures, colors- have to heal the duality from one another or as a collective, as a mass consciousness, we remain disempowered and disconnected from the true Spirit of the Earth. Or imbalance/disharmony continues. We get there by healing what appears outside, from within.

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#ChristOil #Shakti #SacredSecretion #13thGateWithinTheBrain #DNAactivations


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