Praying Medic: August 29, 2019 News Update

I haven’t published any videos, podcasts or articles in the last few weeks because I’ve been working on the Q books. I did want to share my thoughts on a couple of recent news stories.

Comey IG Report

This morning, the DOJ Inspector General report on James Comey’s leaking of memos was made public. There were no big surprises in the report but the decision not to prosecute Comey for leaking has understandably caused anger and disappointment. This is, however, not new information. The fact that Comey would not be prosecuted for leaking was first reported on August 1st and there is a good reason for that decision. Department of Justice policy is to prosecute the most serious and most readily provable charges available. Leaking memos is not a serious charge nor is Comey’s criminal intent readily provable. Legal experts agree that making a solid case against Comey for leaking would be difficult. Q has indicated that more serious and more readily provable charges await Mister Comey.

qanon praying medic

Andrew McCabe

Many people have expressed fear that corrupt government officials won’t be prosecuted. Last night, former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker explained that Andrew McCabe’s legal team meeting with a Deputy Attorney General was a strong indicator that McCabe’s indictment is imminent.


Q and 8chan
Q has been silent during the month of August because 8chan has been voluntarily taken offline by its owner, Jim Watkins, who is scheduled to testify before Congress on September 5th.


Codemonkey is a technician who helps keep 8chan running. He said 8chan will go back online sometime after September 5th. I anticipate Q will return sometime after that. Codemonkey is asking us to be respectful but vocal in the days before Watkins testifies. I plan to be vocal on Twitter, specifically, tweeting to the House Homeland Dems (@HomelandDems).

Hurricane Dorian
With a major hurricane bearing down on Florida, I’m asking believers to pray and intercede as they are led. Perhaps we can diminish the force of the storm or change its course.

hurricane dorian

Thank you for your continued prayer,


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