Return To Your Truth: Final Reminder: Time to ACTIVATE – Your Participation is CRUCIAL. Times/Links for July 31st 144k Mass Meditation at the New Moon

Time for Goddess-sanctioned undercover agents of Light within the matrix to activate, & swing into action.

And I’m not just being cute & all ‘love & light’.

I’m being extremely literal … serious … with all the legitimacy of any military or agency outfit. Be-it off-world or surface.

Not only has Cobra also just confirmed what I was sensing a while ago … that July, early August … with its plethora of massive astrological EVENTS, is beyond crucial!

… but FM144 has also confirmed just yesterday that ” … during the next few days as we have a so-called “Black Super Moon”, the Dark Ones are already ritualizing massively and running energetic operations and attacks:

And who will be there … to stop them AND transform the situation to get us on a higher planetary timeline…

… in an organized, disciplined & united way??

the 144k

Army of Light

Our 144k Mass Meditations on the pivotal dates of July 2 … 16th … 31st … and Aug 10, is already changing the game … and by-God; nothing will stop us!


Let’s make Goddess proud …. and JOYFUL again.

( … what a great political slogan – ” Make Goddess Joyful Again!”

And as Joe from PlanetsWithin.Com said on last week’s show … New Moons are pivotal to controlling which direction this planet takes and what happens to humanity.

As always … the 144k is there FIRST.

The first to be on the energetic battlefield clearing the way for other meditation groups … performing the ‘specialist work’, and making sure the absolute most is made of the opportunity to free Gaia … realize our freedom … and to rejoin the galaxy as a free and sovereign society!

See you all there!

 for the ‘New Moon – New Era’ … 144k Mass Meditation

Date: July 31


Join Time: 9:30pm EDT (US)


Start Time: 9:40pm EDT



Your Timezone:

New Moon Maximum/Start: 11:12pm EDT


Just go to the 144k Member’s Area or use this Emergency Backup Link:–new-era-144k-mass-meditation

… see you on the non-physical!

Time to get activated & swing into action …

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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