Cobra confirms ‘next 2 weeks are CRUCIAL’ – Times/Links for July 31st 144k Mass Meditation at the New Moon

Get ready folks!

Cobra has also just confirmed what I was sensing a while ago.

That July, early August … with its plethora of massive astrological EVENTS, is beyond crucial!

Hence the 144k Mass Meditations on July 2 … 16th … 31st … and Aug 10. 


Let’s make Goddess proud …. and JOYFUL again.

( … what a great political slogan – ” Make Goddess Joyful Again!”

And as Joe from PlanetsWithin.Com said on last week’s show … New Moons are pivotal to controlling which direction this planet takes and what happens to humanity.

As always … the 144k is there FIRST.

The first to be on the energetic battlefield clearing the way for other meditation groups … performing the ‘specialist work’, and making sure the absolute most is made of the opportunity to free Gaia … realize our freedom … and to rejoin the galaxy as a free and sovereign society!

See you all there!


 for the ‘New Moon – New Era’ … 144k Mass Meditation

Date: July 31

Join Time: 9:30pm EDT (US)

Start Time: 9:40pm EDT

 New Moon Maximum/Start: 11:12pm EDT

… see you on the non-physical!

Time to get activated & swing into action …

Yours In Service …                      

The Unknown Lightwarrior                

Step into your power

take charge of your life

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144k Member

”  During my meditation, I was contacted by my star family. This time much more clear than the previous times. They told me, they were here this time to help me heal and to upgrade my abilities to communicate telepathically. My communication with them was clearer than ever .?..

Gitte, Denmark

144k Member

” … I have never felt such a sustained energy for so long in any other meditation. I held it as long as I could and I really felt that it made a large impact on destroying the dark forces’ hold on Gaia and humanity. I also was guided at times to surround her in a sparkling pinkish gold light. The whole meditation was truly a very powerful and grand experience!  …”


144k Member

Why the 144k meditation group?   …It matches my frequency in all aspects; perfect speed and rhythm of your guidance, perfect visualizations, clear objectives which match mine,  perfect synchronization ( it happened in all your meditations that I was already working on something particular, before you verbalized the same.. stunning);

Maria, Suisse

And many more…

Support The 144k Rate of Growth & Your Soul

Return To Your Truth Dot Com LLC

2155 Suite A, Shelby Dr


Arizona 86336

United States

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