Return To Your Truth: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Getting SERIOUS about Controlling these Energies and Thriving

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Getting SERIOUS about Controlling these Energies and Thriving
| Return To Your Truth

There’s so much going on … both internally within all of us & externally with Planetary Liberation.


I’ll only provide the topic headers in this short notification message, because what’s going on is more than enough to fill 2 radio show episodes.


More will be provided to you soon.


Here’s a small taste …


Support In Handling These Desperate Attacks & Intense Energies, so you can thrive … and NOT buckle under

For now … the only real challenge for us 144k Warriors & Goddesses is being able to thrive … and grow STRONG, as the grand finale of planetary liberation continues in intensity … overwhelming many lightworkers.

Gaia & humanity can’t afford that!

And it’s my job to make sure the overwhelm stops & is reversed … for YOU.

Many of us have been ‘interfered’ with to prevent sleep.

This seems to be the main new ‘external tactic’ both physical & non-physical darkness is resorting to, to prevent our participation in planetary liberation campaigns / activities.

They WON’T win … for two main reasons:

The “Secret Weapon” Darkness Has No Answer For

1) The ICB (Internal Compression Breakthrough) Guided MASS Clearing Audio Session has gone through what could easily be described as a ‘metamorphasis’.


And it was already one of – if not the most – powerful & comprehensive clearing sessions available, which anyone can use … on demand … whenever needed.


It’s been shortened – and greatly improved – so you can handle anything that comes your way & no longer suffer from compression breakthrough symptoms.


This is one of the main tools for you growing STRONG … and not just ‘coping’ … as these energies intensify –  thanks to planetary liberation getting closer and closer to the final crescendo.


More about this ICB breakthrough in my next email. This is arguably the ultimate tool darkness simply doesn’t have an answer for … (which is why we had to REALLY fight through to some stiff resistance, just to get it to you – and that’s no joke!).


It will be provided soon. And people who’ve purchased the ICB in the past (proceeds go to the 144k Campaign to accelerate planetary liberation) … will get it for free.

Methods to Regain Sleep

I’m experimenting with a combination of various physical & energetic methods to shut down the blatant & more recent attempts by the physical & non-physical darkness to prevent sleep in all of us. Once I’ve completed these experiments … I’ll immediatly let you know what to do, to shut down this latest attempt to exhaust our energies so that we can’t do Mass Meditations.

Important 144k Mass Meditation this Wed Night / Thurs Morning !

The next game-changing ‘Energetic Event’ is this Wed night (Thurs morning in the Eastern part of the world).


This isn’t just another opportunity to raise the planet to a higher timeline that’s much closer to the smoothest & quickest Event timeline … but to also potentially shut down the ‘prevention of sleep’ attacks that have recently been launched.


They want to play hard-ball?


The 144k is here to respond in-kind!


Details of exact times for your time-zone will be emailed to you.


SO …


… keep a close eye out for daily emails over the next few days, centered around the crucial 144k Mass Meditation this coming Wed/Thurs … and the release of the shortened & improved ICB audio…


… that will get us through now that the war has finally reached the surface of the planet & help us all withstand (& thrive) in these overwhelming make-it-or-break-it physical & energetic events over the coming 7 days!


Stay tuned!


…and watch your Inbox!


Hold-fast 144k!

Yours In Service …                      

The Unknown Lightwarrior

(p.s.)                                          Mark Your Calendar





The next 144k Planetary Healing & Clearing Event
(Mass Meditation)
is on


July 31st, 2019 …


‘New Moon – New Era’


144k Mass Meditation


Join time – 9:30pm EDT (US)


Start time – 9:40pm EDT


(New Moon Maximum/Start – 11:12pm EDT)



Step into your power

take charge of your life

support the 144k outreach campaign

… for the 144k to grow MUCH faster, and for you to channel MUCH more Light during 144k Mass Meditations … simply by using the 33.33% discount coupon (below) for the breakthrough:


 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System


Steep discount reserved for 144k Members Only



… copy & paste your code below, for each Phase or bundle order.

code: FullyActivateMySoulMission 

Click the green button below …

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the coupon code above, during the order process.

If it doesn’t work, clear all your ‘cache & cookies’ for all time on your browser,
restart your browser & try again. If that fails, try another device)


144k Member

”  During my meditation, I was contacted by my star family. This time much more clear than the previous times. They told me, they were here this time to help me heal and to upgrade my abilities to communicate telepathically. My communication with them was clearer than ever .?..

Gitte, Denmark

144k Member

” … I have never felt such a sustained energy for so long in any other meditation. I held it as long as I could and I really felt that it made a large impact on destroying the dark forces’ hold on Gaia and humanity. I also was guided at times to surround her in a sparkling pinkish gold light. The whole meditation was truly a very powerful and grand experience!  …”


144k Member

Why the 144k meditation group?   …It matches my frequency in all aspects; perfect speed and rhythm of your guidance, perfect visualizations, clear objectives which match mine,  perfect synchronization ( it happened in all your meditations that I was already working on something particular, before you verbalized the same.. stunning);

Maria, Suisse

And many more…

Support The 144k Rate of Growth & Your Soul Mission – Click Here

Return To Your Truth Dot Com LLC
2155 Suite A, Shelby Dr
Arizona 86336
United States

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