Published on Jul 27, 2019

I’ve already experienced The Event, March 20th 2018. The Rainbow Wave Event physically. It will be back but the light will be different- & it hits the skin. People will feel itchiness of the skin for sometime prior to the next Event that is coming.. which has also already happened. Now the timeline loop of false time/matrix false timing frequency timeline- is collapsed. A new 13,000 yr cycle has begun. The ones who experienced the wave event in 2018 were meant to, to aid in anchoring the timeline- to integrate & anchor the 7th Ray/Indigo.

The Rainbow Wave Event is a Transmutation. It is “Grace of Fire.” Those that experienced the Rainbow Wave Event in 2018 PHYSICALLY, in real life, in the physical- were experiencing from a higher timeline/a future timeline. It’s integrating/manifesting/descending now.. the rainbow clouds/rainbow skies are part of this energy helping to bring in the New “Magnetic Sun” union of the Triad 3D Sun, 4D Sun & 5D Sun. The Rainbow Bridge. This year is when the 7 Rays are comimg online through merging groups. Red, blue, yellow rays are main rays. Orange, green, violet are second. And the combination of all is indigo ray, the 7th. The Rainbow body, Rainbow bridge, rainbow children, rainbow wave… it’s all connected. The colors are merging to create the wave, the colors are emanations of light & we are also the colors. We each hold different colors based off our blueprint- one the is a main color, then we have a secondary one and then a mix.
The stimulation of the rainbow rays is through cycles, cosmic energy, the 12 zodiacs cycles, planetary cycles, solar cycles, and through solar stimulation. The light is also connected to all other planetary life in our solar system. The 7th Ray brings in opposites- merge spirit & matter, to function as a whole a.k.a the twinflame union. The 7th Ray, indigo/purple rainbow wave event, is the Age of Aquarius. Ill talk more about the info I recieved a couple months ago on the Rainbow Wave Event in another video. The cycle is deleted. Past timelines are gone.

The shamballa rainbow waves/colors in the clouds is being seen more now due to the increase of energy that’s coming in and the particles in Chemtrails reflecting the light in the atmosphere.

It is up to us, individually to do the work, have faith in the universe and remove all doubt or beliefs that are holding us back. Its internal. These shifts/waves/portals help, but the work must be done. Years ago, I spent 8-10 hours in meditation, contemplation, internal healing work, etc.. daily when I reached a point of no longer willing to stay stuck in past cycles/patterns. And I was so determined to get out of how I felt & the patterns in my life. And to this day- I still am 100% diligent and consistent every single day with my spiritual practices & pulling myself in alignment & facing whatever I need to face. The “work” is never done, but it becomes easier.

**just wanted to add, theres nothing wrong with materials, things, money… there’s just been an imbalance w the physical & spiritual/nature in the USA during the 12:60 last cycle/matrix time loop.

Another message, about the Monad consciousness & twinflames:
The Twin Towers falling in NY, was symbolic of the “twin” energy descending in order to come together. As crazy as that may sound to some.

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2 thoughts on “Aluna Ash- 9D: INCOMING WAVE, NEW MOON PORTAL, LION’S GATE 7/27

  1. GROUP MEDITATION. Day Out Of Time, New Galactic Year
    Streamed live on Jul 25, 2019
    Group Meditation at 9pm EST

    I only share what I percieve, feel & experience. And I don’t have all the answers.

    Linking to the 12D 144 Crystalline Grid, beginning a new 13,000 yr Galactic cycle.. the dismantlement of 3D time, began decades ago- and the descending energy for the anchoring of the new grid began taking form in the 5th & 4th dimension in 2000-2003, then taking form & descending to 4th & 3rd dimension in 2010-2012.

    This is where many Awakenings started happening and synchronicities started increasing. Now it is collective and eventually ALL will be aware of seeing synchronicities daily. We are exiting a time loop & entering the natural rhythm of Cosmic time.

    2012 was just the 3D anchoring of the descending grid & shift in how we experience time- this was the beginning of the false timing loop exit.

    This New Galactic Year is the true beginning of the new Divine Feminine cycle, rise of Atlantis, Cosmic consciousness.

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