Published on Jul 23, 2019


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One Substance came through astral currents of the March Rainbow Wave Event is known as: “Fohat”

I heard “wormwood moon” last night right after my meditation. I believe its symbolic of a clearing of the misuse of power affecting the Feminine & emotional body. & connected to the change in cycles.

We currently have a large astroid passing through along with a solar storm- the energy can be felt differently for everyone.

Astroids/comets/meteors bring new consciousness.

*You can pronounce Chariklo like Sha- rik-low as well.

Chariklo is another astroid that has been transiting tropical Cspricorn, Sideral Sagittarius. Chariklo means “grace spinner” we connect with streams of grace, Rays of our Monad consciousness through healing & balancing the electric & magnetic. All disturbances in the physical body emotional body & mental body are due to an imbalance of the electric and magnetic. Chariklo conjunct Pluto retrograde is helping to release old constructs distorting the Feminine archetype and misuse of power against the Feminine during the last 13,000 yr cycle.

Chariklo helps in healing our “Chiron” wound- our deep Soul wounds/Soul karmas.

Here is a message below  about Chiron & Chariklo I found. Source:

Chiron and Chariklo

There is a group of planetary bodies that are starting to make their debut in the astrological world now.  They are known as the CENTAURS.  The centaurs originate in the Kuiper Belt which consists of a number of objects that move around in the vicinity of Pluto and Neptune.  CHIRON was the first centaur to be discovered in 1977 and more are being discovered, assigned an ancient mythological story, and later given a name by astronomers.  The centaurs are half human, half horse in the ancient mythological stories, and are pretty wild dudes, known for wild behavior, lechery, and wanton ways (they love wine).  Chiron is a more “evolved” centaur and was a great philosopher, doctor, astrologer, healer, and teacher in his time.  Chiron represents a point in the chart (by natal and transit) of personal healing – the inner wounds.  Chiron also represents the “rugged individualist” who goes his/her own way.  Chiron was discovered at a time of reawakening of holistic healing and esoteric knowledge and is represented as a “key” to a change in consciousness, a bridge between established ways and evolutionary change.

Here are some CHIRON keywords:  by hand, shamanic healer, prophet, ways of wisdom, service, wounds, initiation journey, understanding, doorway, connection to higher planes, teacher, instinct/intellect, oracle, magical quest, sacred duty, transmute, revolution, warrior, moment of awareness, guide to the “other side.”

In transit Chiron represents: reawakening of the spirit’s journey into healing through re-experiencing the wounding, looking at the cause, and re-finding the wholeness of the soul.

Chiron is being accompanied by one of the newer named Centaurs: CHARIKLO

Chariklo in mythology is Chiron’s wife.  As Chiron represents the “abstract mind,” the magic “shaman” and teacher, Chariklo represents the “voice of reason” and understanding in a softer form.  Chariklo is the constant companion of Athena-the warrior goddess and weaver of the magic cosmic web.  Chariklo, in her mythological form as a sea nymph, connects you with your greater unconscious and soul urges.  She represents your awareness of both your emotional and spiritual boundaries.  She works to improve all your relationships by clarifying what is and what is not acceptable to your spirit.  She further represents your receptivity to the emotional claims/demands of others.

Chariklo represents the qualities of compassion, tolerance and forgiveness in unlimited proportion.  She questions intent and examines motivation in a gentle, curious manner.  She encourages you to start with yourself.  Check intent and motive.  If it feels good, proceed.

She bears the sacred marriage between body and soul.  Chariklo represents the wedding known as the acceptance of one’s spirit by the body.  She offers soul retrieval and recovery, bonding ceremonies and energetic healing as her clarity producing gifts. This clarity opens the doors for shedding the light of understanding toward all people.  Then, you are clear to become a vehicle of healing and helping others understand their own boundaries by your shining example!

As the lovers meet, they open the gateway, the boundary to celestial power, the birth process, the beginning and ending of a cycle, immutable truth, and the initiates passage.

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