144k HQ: Post Mass Meditation Support, Detox Symptoms & Short Report

Post Mass Meditation Support, Detox Symptoms & Short Report


144k HQ via kartra.net 



4:42 PM (5 hours ago)
There was a beautiful … surreal … ‘majestic sounding’ wind this morning in my part of the world, as I stepped out for my morning light therapy … (it turns out that looking at the sun’s rays – around but not at the sun – for 20mins each morning triggers positive neuro-chemical reactions that produce things like seratonin, dopamine & other neuro-chemicals crucial to good mood & energy, which are actually almost as good as a cup of coffee) …


… and to also clear this ‘heavy feeling’ in my head.

I glanced at my head visually / holographically (you can do it, it’s easier than you think. Just have confidence, and don’t put effort) … and my rational mind presented the problem in the form of dark grey-ness throughout my brain & spinal cord.


I visualized all this being transmuted by intense white light, and I felt better.

You may be feeling a similar way, or out-of-sorts in some other way. It’s easy to think that this is the usual ‘kick-back’ which used to be quite brutal in the past.

But that may not be the case …

Yes … there’s always ‘boogies’ to clear for a day or two after the 144k kick-the-living pants out of some major darkness … which brings in more light … which ‘sting’ entities out of there previous – but no-longer-there … hidey holes.

However …

When Light wins another round of energy confrontation, the way it DID yesterday thanks to us … yes, there is often kick-back, but also what happens is – anything toxic within you or your life, gets ‘louder’.

Whether it’s a toxic & dark person in your life (or interacted with when doing errands today) … or something in your diet your shouldn’t be eating/drinking … or the usual ‘next layer’ of internal stuff this extra Light we brought in is ‘stinging’ and forcing up.

And we know what those emotional or physical detox symptoms can be like.

So dear one … put in the bit of time today & or tomorrow to


  • transmute any ‘boogie’ (I’ve show how to do this more than once on Ground Crew Command Radio) 
  • or clear anything coming up internally with something much more robust & effective 
  • or for some of us, maybe stop smoking & take [C B D] Oil instead, so your lungs aren’t getting shredded by smoke & holes in your DNA aren’t getting poked due to consuming such things.

Well done 144k!

As always … the 144k were there FIRST.


And thank-goodness for that, because this allowed many of us to spot (and realize!) some very nasty rituals going on during the eclipse … once again dashing the hopes of the “opposing forces” to lower the timeline & delay The Event as a result.


We were there … and made sure they were STOPPED.

It’s critical you realize how important & ‘vanguard’ a role the 144k plays!


And to further confirm things … some of you saw, or were already working on things … before I verbalized them.


If I can get-on-top-of the avalanche of emails, I promise to post some of your reports. By the looks-of-it … I’ll probably be reading some out on next week’s episode of Ground Crew Command.


It’ll be interesting to see the fruits of our labor manifest in the outer 3D world as the dust continues to settle from our energy work (mass meditation) … most likely in the form of an accelerated exposure & implosion of the Cabal & it’s massive network.


So exciting :- )

So lets continue to be watchful 20% of the time … and focus inward to unleash our power, 80% the time.


The old cardinal rule of the 144k …


Barring anything truly extraordinary happening in the meantime … see you on next week’s show!


… and WELL DONE…


… beloved one.


Yours In Service …                      

The Unknown Lightwarrior


Yours In Service …                      

The Unknown Lightwarrior                

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