Kelly M Beard: July 14 – 20, 2019 ~ Forecast + Eclipse Update

July 14 – 20, 2019 ~ Forecast + Eclipse Update

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7/14 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~oppose~ Pluto (purification & transformation):
This energy can (and often does) create very intense encounters with others, possibly revealing things about you which you may not have been aware of, misunderstood or have chosen to ignore thus far. This energy tends to provoke power struggles and/or challenges with authority figures where you may have to stand up for yourself. It can also may make you more aggressive, intense or over-bearing than usual, creating or attracting these kinds of situations. If there are any problems within a relationship (personal or professional), this energy will force things out into the open. It will be much easier on you, if you can open a dialogue with the express purpose of clearing the air and proceeding to a new level in your relationship, by choice. Any aspect of your life that you have been “just getting by” will now DEMAND attention; you won’t be able to do anything less than a complete overhaul or replacement (this can be ANY area of your life but the Capricorn House in particular during years 2008-2024 due to Pluto’s extended stay). Let’s put it this way, any time Pluto is involved, there is usually complete destruction of the current (x-y-z) to make room for the new and improved. This will be by the Universe’s definition, but you do get a vote, you can consciously choose too. Ultimately, this is a good, growth & development type of energy/activation, pushing you to the next level … ready or not, here you come so use the energies available to strengthen, fortify & prepare for your own personal transformation. Also consider your drives & direction about 6-months ago, and where you want to end up 6-months from now. This is an integration, that means a time when the depths of your Soul Self can commune & bond with your surface, personality or conscious Self. Like the conjunction (1.11.2019) about 6-months ago, this is about how you direct your personal power on your own behalf, and often, breakdowns precede breakthroughs.

7/16 ~ CAPRICORN Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse:
This is your Annual opportunity to release that which you no longer want to be part of your reality or your responsibility. Look to what you *Initiated* at Winter Solstice and how far you’ve progressed since then. What’s working? What’s not? What needs to be released? What needs to be strengthened structurally or otherwise? What foundation-work needs to be done to support you better going forward? The Full Moon is shining a light in a corner for first time in 6-months to a year (the Capricorn House of your chart) revealing any weaknesses or cracks in the foundation of your current focus. Whatever you *Seeded* with the Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse (1.5.2019) 6-months ago, has run its course and now the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse shows you what is solid and can be expanded on – as well as what is weak and must be fixed, replaced or released altogether. This is the time every year when you determine what is truly feeding, nourishing, supporting & protecting you ~ on ALL levels ~ mental, physical, emotional & spiritual. Here, we are reminded that often, internal shifts precede external shifts.

Obviously, this is a general overview for the Capricorn Full Moon, however, this year is special because of the combination of rare planetary alignments, along with the pattern-changing Eclipses. There are plenty of write-ups on this Summer’s Sky Pattern. I even posted two articles on my blog that I highly recommend if you are feeling these energies in a particularly intense way. I’d like to check in with how you are doing personally. How are you navigating these changes? Have you had to up-level your self-care? Have you noticed relationships ending (permanently) because they have served their purpose (and it’s all good)? Have you noticed that your personal needs have evolved so your vibration has naturally shifted? Have you noticed that you are attracting new & different kinds of people & situations?

I would like to remind you to take some time during July/Aug this year to assess & integrate your own personal growth, development & direction. Mercury Retro in Leo suggests we need to tune back into the Heart and to think with our feelings. Use this time to release ideas, people or situations which drain your lifeforce energy and/or dim your light. It’s going even deeper into Cancer by the end of this week (7/19), reminding you that you may have gotten off your natural rhythm and must re-set yourself this summer so that you can handle the upcoming Harvest. Use the eclipses for what they are good for: CHANGE. What are you ready, willing & able to change about how your live both your private & public lives? How can you renew your dedication to a routine that nourishes, inspires & energizes you? How can you put your ideas & skills to good use in the world? Where are your gifts & talents needed, valued & honored? What nourishes your body, awakens your mind and feeds your soul? Check in with yourself this summer – your SoulSelf – much of these very fundamental, basic things in our lives have changed and so have we! This is new territory we are entering. Stay alert, creative & optimistic!

7/17 ~ Venus (relationships & resources) ~oppose~ Saturn (physical limits & reality):
Where Sun opposite Saturn has the focus squarely on you, the individual, Venus opposite Saturn often illuminates the relationships that you’ve magnetized (or repelled) in your life. It is here that I also like to remind folks how valuable MidPoints can be as they give you a direct look back at your starting point, which offers unbelievable clarity about what you may be dealing with in the present moment. There is a push-pull between your true values and the current reality of your relationships and/or your resources. You may find yourself questioning what (and who) is or is no longer of value or important to you. Or you may find yourself facing some hard and unavoidable personal truths. Do not feel sorry for yourself and do not take it out on others. It is time to take responsibility for making new choices. Looking back will only trip you up. Challenges may center around commitments you’ve made out of obligation and/or a sense of duty, rather than because you actually wanted to contribute. You can use this energy & activation to align your reality with the values of your heart. Don’t allow the anxiety associated with change to keep you from making some very important decisions at this time. If you give in to your fears, you could get caught up in martyrdom or victim consciousness. Deciding what you want, committing to the work it will take to manifest your vision and getting to work – that’s what Saturn will reward with tangible & long-lasting results. You will never regret investing in your Self this way.

7/18 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~trine~ Neptune (faith & spirituality):
This is a very supportive energy for dreaming your world into being! Allow your imagination some latitude to wander and see where it leads. Play with “what if” scenarios. For example, “what if” all your material needs & desires were taken care of, what would you dedicate your time, energy & resources to? You may feel very empathic and connected to others and what they are going through at this time, so maintain adequate boundaries. Neptune can activate a very spiritual encounter with another human being (friend, family or lover) but only time will tell if it is Neptune playing tricks on you or if it is truly a spiritual connection.

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