COLLECTIVE SHIFTS! 6/25 Channeled Messages (more in description box!)

COLLECTIVE SHIFTS! 6/25 Channeled Messages
(more in description box!)

Published on Jun 25, 2019

#Shamballa #NewEarth #TheShift

I was shown how we are refining the light Body to take in the Cosmic Rays coming in- there will be changes with the Rays coming. These are connecting to the inner realms, Shamballa energy, governing the entity we are within.

One group within the awakened servers has reached a certain point in their “training” where now they will be able to access more guidance/info/gifts from higher realms to share and serve others. “The New Earth and New World will be governed by the group of awakened servers of AND to humanity”

More and more will be able to see the changes as we are anchoring more rainbow light. WE (humanity) are the Rainbow Bridge- the connection between the Heart/earth and the mind/third eye & crown or the Being we are existing within. Humanity is acting as the throat chakra for a being. More and more will see their reality look brighter/more colorful as the Earth’s aura brightens and refines- and the Earth/Heart chakra of the entity- activates more. There is a large group of already awakened “servers” that are being lighted to higher realms while remaining physical. Almost like the next stage in initiation.

**the dark suited beings could have been shorter- im just really short so they seemed extra tall to me. I’d say atleast 6 feet. Very cold, no expression at all other than trying to intimidate me and almost like probe me for information. This took place last week, and has happened many times in the past.. then a couple nights ago the group connected to Shamballa visited & somewhat told me why the dark tall beings stopped by prior.

Ive dealt w the dark suited beings my whole life & gang stalking but this was def different.

Theses interdimensional beings are always watching and they always know, their timing just may be off. Im not sure if they visited me before the GW group did on purpose- or was seeing if I was already coded with the information.

That astral pull that I was speaking about happens to me all the time.. my entire life. But lately I’ve been noticing when I get that astral pull now it’s for contact, codes, downloads/upgrades and information. And im complete “awake” and conscious of the whole experience. I even watch my physical body as I have the experience… like I’m seeing all sides of something at once. I usually do not “work” in the astral anymore as I have refined that part of myself- but I am still able to observe the astral but from a different plane. If i need to have an “astral” like experience, I will, but I will be fully conscious & awake. Its more of the astral sight, then needing to be actually in it anymore. When our frequency changes, we no longer resonate w the astral plane & its harder to be in the realm except from higher planes observing. So i was observing them, observing me, while observing my physical body from beyond the astral even though these dark suit beings were in the astral.

**alot of this training is taking place in inner realms, allow yourself to rest when needed, dont fight it. Let emotions be release, the sun squaring chiron then the moon joining for the total solar eclipse square chiron- is meant to do that. Deep soul healing to purge the emotional body. Since the eclipse is sextile Uranus, connected to the higher mind of the system- we have clearing emotion to connect the heart with the mind…humanty’s job as the throat chakra of the being we are within. And I’ll talk more about this in a separate video #EveryHumanIsAStarseed



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