B Weeklies 5_27 to 6_02_2019..Dinga Donga The Wicked Witch is Dead or Neutralized!

“The tables are turning…”
“There’s going to be infighting, that is what is going on here”
“This is something that was going on in the past…this setup, this trap…was set up in the past,..what is going on here is the true manipulators, the true players in the game, are going to be revealed for what they are.”
“Somebody’s being exposed for something, past….past crimes are now being punished.”

B Weeklies 5_27 to 6_02_2019..Dinga Donga The Wicked Witch is Dead or Neutralized!


B Weeklies for Week Commencing May 27th 2019 ~ All Signs! Strap on your protective head gear ladies and gentlemen….its about to get bumpy! Good luck! I got on the treadmill after reading and being a hard rocker I listen to random rock….. the song “white rabbit” came up by Egypt Central. Since Egypt was in the reading perhaps this song may mean something to some of you. ….

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General- 3:09
Earth- 19:22
Air- 26:18
Water- 34:27
Fire- 39:50

The information in this reading is to be used at the discretion of the viewer. Do not make life changing decisions based on a general reading. The creator takes no responsibility for the actions of the viewer based on the information contained herein. This information does not replace professional medical or legal advice.


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