One Month Without Posting | Riverman

Feels like a good time to reflect, re-assess and re-boot! ~PB

Reflections of Riverman

MTA Spring 2019

WOW… where do I begin?
Let me start out here on the top of Mt Agamenticus, here in York, Maine overlooking the amazing greening land and the clouds over the Atlantic Ocean.

I can’t really believe that for a month I have been trying to rectify computer issues which arose from a Microsoft Update and changed my life in ways I’m still figuring out.

We don’t really understand our addictions until they cripple our lives or destroy what we have worked so deeply from the heart to accomplish.

The minute details are really boring yet the awareness it brought to me is profound.
I will spare you the tedious and frustrating moments and express the gift.


Each of us have to begin anew every once in a while because we get far too comfortable and less respectful for who We are and what We do.

We need to clean house…

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