Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE & Next Wave 5/25

ENERGY UPDATE & Next Wave 5/25

Published on May 25, 2019

Energy wave: around 5/30-5/31

**like the “Heart Chakra Race” video from awhile ago- We are going from the solar plexus to the heart communication. Heart/mind/Soul telepathy instead of astral solar plexus telepathy.

If there is anything that you have been repressing, it can come up for alchemical transmutation.

It’s important we consciously engage our shadow instead of pushing it down or facing these aspects of our selves unconsciously or from a reactive place.. it is important during shadow work that you are intentionally and consciously protecting your wellbeing, protecting the wellbeing of others, and maintaining communication with your higher self/soul during the process.

Repressing Soul guidance & intuitive instincts can manifest in the body just as thought forms & repressed emotions or memories/traumas can.

I’ve personally started making it a point to vow to protect my wellbeing, vow to protect the wellbeing of others, and vow to maintain communication with my higherself as I work through aspects of my personality that have integrated within the unconscious. Any “triggers” or thoughts, emotions that come up- I am engaging consciously after seeing how not doing this can create karmic waves.
If there is parts of your reality that are no longer resonating with your energy- this will become more known.

Soul communication through the Higher Heart, Thymus. Many are consciously connecting in higher realms/planes & remembering.

You can see the truth more easily.. no one can hide from it. Nothing can be hidden for long. It’s an intuitive knowing about things.. and it seems to be becoming more intense. And I also feel like this is causing more empathy.
I’ve been feeling a lot of positive shifts & more of a peaceful energy settling in. Also picking up on people wsnting to have a “thing” or like a specific purpose and focus. That seems to be a theme for many.

Many are asking “what am I meant to focus on mostly with my path?” And wanting to know from within, their specific “thing”
When I talk about the Galactic Year, I’m talking about the 13 Moons, not the 12 month calender new year.

The New Galactic Year begins July 26th 2019- the energy of White Magnetic Wizard, tone 1.

This galactic codes based off the Mayan timing system/cycles… the reason I talked about this specific system is because it goes with channeled information that I have received over the years. I started seeing the patterns with astrological transits, my clairvoyany/clairaudient messages or downloads and this specific system. It doesn’t mean that this is something that you have to use or follow- I posted over a year ago on the channel, the reason why & the natural timing system of 13 months/moons brings in natural frequency with the body & synchronicity. Especially women and the menstrual cycle.
***I have my fb on mute & email notifications on mute for the next couple days!
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