Aluna Ash- 9D: Energy Update, Waves, Timeline Shifts, New Paradigms 5/7

Energy Update, Waves, Timeline Shifts, New Paradigms 5/7

Streamed live on May 7, 2019

Just A Quick Energy Update.

Sorry for the shaking, I talk with my hands😂 something i’ve been working on for years but haven’t seen much change.

*Temporal Tapping slong the right ear 3-5 times while starting affirmation when you see a number synchronicity speeds up manifestations!!!! Trust me, please try!!

I’ll be on again to talk about some of the messages I’ve been getting… I’ve been audio recording the downloads that are coming in and the channel messages for sharing. (I encourage others to do this, ofyen times they can come in randomly while your consciously mind is busy on a repetitive daily task)

The waves coming in can create a feeling of inspiration mixed with resentlessness. We are integrated aspects of ourselves that we have been blocked off from consciously due to past programming and perception of reality… the more you receive number synchronicities, the more you are integrating this information. And some are doing this more in dream state… so if you’re feeling the need to sleep a little bit more at times, listen to your body.

There can be feelings of unworthiness around this time.. even more so on days in the galactic yr connected to the solar plexus, like today 5/7 along with the Mars in Gemini inconjunct Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn while (Mars) opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius.

There is a feeling of urgency & doubt within the collective unconscious that ive been picking up. A lot of family father/mother stuff coming up. Relationship stuff. And some Division due to these timeline shifts… we have the ability to manifest what we want consciously by faith, belief and action utilizing the grand trine activating the Capricorn energy- desires crystalize.

When we anchor a new paradigm through manifestation, we a shifting in perception and frequency along with it… and that means not everyone in your experience will be shifting in the same way or they could be shifting in a different way. Many people have been feeling like they’re not fully “here” like they are here but not here, this is because there is so much more then this realm of the visible light frequency range, its only a tiny fraction of what actually exists. When you’re thinking about the past or you’re thinking about the future you’re tuning into mirrored realities which are not really the past or the future they are happening simultaneously.. staying in the present moment is what keeps you grounded. The more you’re focusing on the past you’re keeping that timeline.

I also feel the the North Node In Cancer/South Node in Capricorn is bringing up alot of Shadow work connected to past lives, our lineage, our parents, our path, our authority, our security and emotional foundation, our psychological inheritance, dna & genetic inheritance, etc.. causing some pretty massive karmic endings. The nodes are crucial when it comes to our evolution.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve been feeling a strong desire to free myself from things that are weighing me down, not just spiritually but also items and possessions- ive donated about 80% of my things that I didn’t use or need & decided to live more sustainably. Decluttering makes such a huge difference energetically, along with moving/starting new in a different location & enviorment that feels healthy, positive & safe. Dont let anything hold you back from making the change you want..start acting as if & watch how it begins to unfold. Ive been feeling pretty good & positive, but def have random things that come up- especially if it’s been something that I’ve been avoiding having to deal with, heal or not expressing. For me physically, frequent headaches during the planetary spikes along extreme clairaudience can be annoying at times but other then that I feel amazing lately…

I can really feel things have shifted with the planet in a big way, its just not fully realized yet in the 3D. Even the way I look is changing- my skin, my eyes, my hair.. how others look around me is changing too- more vibrant.

***Disclaimer*** I only share based off my own perception of things, my own experiences, patterns I see/feel, etc… ALWAYS trust what you feel inside first with everything.

I love you guys & I am grateful for your support.


2 thoughts on “Aluna Ash- 9D: Energy Update, Waves, Timeline Shifts, New Paradigms 5/7

  1. Energy Update- Astral Possessions & Solar Activity
    Aluna Ash- 9D
    Streamed live 22 hours ago

    I Apologize for the sideways/burry screen! I know Ive been doing these for a while but I’m still learning the tech stuff. I dont have anyone to show me & youtube + google doesn’t help much. But Slowly, I am getting it I promise😁 I do have cameras, lights, computer & editing software that are specifically for YouTube and filming that I haven’t even used yet- it’s just kind of intimidating to me.

    I know a lot of people have been feeling “under attack” at times & this can be felt even more during times of increased solar activity. Every negative thought couple with emotion is “alive” as an entity or thoughtform in the astral plane. We can easily be manipulated by these thought forms in our enviorment or through other people. Its important to know the difference between whats yours and whats not yours in order to clear… over time it can cloud your energy/thoughts & play on emotional triggers. We can choose to dissolve these negative entities/thoughtforms by no longer feeding them our focus & emotional attention. Its not your responsibility to take on the thoughtforms of another person.. their karma does not need to become yours. The lower part of us is always subject to the higher part of us… we always have the ability to change ourselves

    These waves will increase energy in the enviorment or in your experience.. for me, overall- i have felt very excited, inspired and like im manifesting rapidly through constant synchronicity. I do have my moments but I pull myself right out of it and get back into conscious creating my experience. Thats really the key- learning how to pull yourself back into alignment. It’s a continuous process that becomes easier & easier to do over time. In the past Id stay down w a neg thought for awhile, now I don’t allow it. I do feel the collective energy quite a bit, as do most of you, but I can feel the difference which allows me to detach from that energy. Many of us are meant to feel the collective to give messages- but also have to learn to tap in & tap out energetically when needed so we dont become what we are tuning into within the collective unconscious.

    There awareness of codependency and unhealthy relationship patterns seem to be coming up for so many right now. A lot of projections, and judgement coming up. There’s such a strong shift coming it feels like, almost in a creepy way. I cant fully describe what i feel because i dont know how lol but it feels like something big is about to shift.

    ** We are all creating these entities in the astral plane through our thought and emotion all day…the more we think about something over and over again- we feed that entity/thought form. Eventually that thought form becomes intelligent and able to hook into others. This how we can take on the unconscious thought forms of others, these can alter actions and behavior. When you know something feels off intuitively in an enviorment, with friends, family, relationships, strangers, whoever/whatever, you have to trust that. We are in one of the biggest karmic cycles right now- these thought forms are fighting to survive.. and it doesn’t seem like a fair fight to many since it’s in the nonphysical realms/astral

    Galactic portal activation date: on 5/10 which is a Lunar Tone- creating stability consciously through constructive opposition. Red Lunar Earth is connected to the Earths center… its about being present, connected to the earth and discovering your ability to heal through remaining present & centered.

    (Mayan cycles/Mayan astrology)

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