Taurus New Moon: Fertile Seed | Jacqueline LaSahn


“Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment.
Fully alive, fully aware.” –
Thich Nhat Hanh

Labyrinth Meditation Cathy McClelland

Taurus New Moon: Fertile Seed | Jacqueline LaSahn

“Through the cycles and seasons

of our own life experience,
Notice when you are in and out of balance.

Drop your judgements
and self-consciousness of right and wrong.

Come home to your body,
come home to the earth.

Connect with the yourself in a deeper way
with sensuality and curiosity,
get down into your roots.

Welcome yourself home in your body,
welcome the earth, your home.

The body is a sacred garment.”

– Martha Graham (Taurus woman, born May 11)

The practical and the unseen are woven together.

Attention and observation
with heartfelt reverence
opens doors of awareness.

Everything is holy.

Connect with the earth
with embodied awareness.

Take off your shoes,
get your feet on the ground,
recharge your instincts and
welcome the earth rhythms through your soles.

Connect with the earth in a deeper way
in an active relationship.
Get your hands into the earth,
experience the cycles and seasons,
celebrate the fertility of the earth.
Don’t be a stranger to your Mother.

Taurus new moon is a fertile seed.
May your intentions be infused
with your uniquely blended instincts
to nourish your aspirations
from root to flower.

Taurus New Moon: Fertile Seed
May 4, 2019 3:45 pm PDT

New moon portal sparks instinct. Yet, in a world of data driven world of distraction and commodification, our senses can be dispersed and drained. Life is precious. Your body is sacred. Only you can listen to your cycles and rhythms. Only you can sense your instincts. The new moon in Taurus opens the door to your temple and welcomes you.

Taurus New Moon
Seeds of Insight

What are the weeds that are diverting nourishment to my plants?

How am I standing in my way from clearing my path?

How can I simplify and implement practical steps so that I may resonate with the pleasure of being alive?

Copyright © 2019 Jacqueline Lasahn All rights reserved.
Illustration: Labyrinth Meditation Cathy McClelland
“<spiral>” by alejandro cañizares is licensed under CC BY 2.0 and modified by Jacqueline Lasahn


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3 thoughts on “Taurus New Moon: Fertile Seed | Jacqueline LaSahn

  1. And May your Wisdom continue to enlighten all souls who land upon your site, the time is now and there is no time like the present moment to share the seeds of Knowledge we are given..
    Loved your post I came via Eliza’s reblog of your post
    Blessings Sue 💜

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