Hillory Skott: Everyday Astrology Podcast:096. 🔮Powerful Pluto and Sturdy Saturn go Retrograde: 🍀 ” Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

Potent Pluto and stoic Saturn go retrograde. We have a chance to get to the roots of what is wrong to allow what is right to flourish. Be diligent and focused while you pay attention to the foundation you are building.
Both Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn. There is a seriousness to what we are dealing with. When the planets go retrograde we can review, reinvision, realign, and recreate.
Retrograde gives us a chance to pause and reconsider, to integrate the shift between old and new.
While these planets retrograde they will be closely traveling with the South node of the past, opposing the North Node of the future. A portal is open allowing us to gather up what is of value from the past to assist us with creating our future. Discernment is necessary.
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