Tania Gabrielle: 16:16 Code: Lightning, Momentum and Mercury Direct!



Mercury changes direction today!

That is such good news… as you’ll probably agree, this Mercury retrograde was major…

It started on final 29th degree of Pisces (LAST degree of the 360° zodiac, and a “critical degree as well) – clearly an indication of its impact on us…

As it happens, the moment of Mercury’s direct motion today triggers the 1-5-7 “Mind Triad” in numerology:

  • Mercury changes direction at 16° – 16 reduces to 7.
  • March is a 16 Universal Month in 2019 – again reducing to 7.
  • 3.28.2019 adds up to a Universal Date of 25 – reducing to 7.
  • March 28th adds up to 10 – and reduces to 1.

Mercury is the planet of the MIND, governing communication, intelligence, your memory, ideas, how you express your message and acute awareness.

So this Mind code reinforces Mercury’s meaning and deeper retrograde mysteries.

Namely that it has brought deeper consideration, reflection, understanding, compassion… So that you are open to download a new spiritual instruction manual which begins with a fresh start in a particular area of your life.

7 triggers sudden awakenings, AHAs and shifts.

1 takes you in new, uncharted directions.

In combination with Pisces, this Mercury code is spectacular, immensely cleansing and healing.

  • What has been uncovered and brought to your consciousness is NOW beginning to integrate into your life.
  • This new perspective is OPENING a wide-angle view, so you can place your past in context and gain a deeper understanding.

You are being urged to walk on a new path in uncharted territory…

This Mercury retrograde also fired up your Psychic Perception.

And now that Mercury starts its direct motion again, your intuitive awareness is at an all-time high…

Trust it. LISTEN more closely.

You’re making powerful connections, recognizing what truly matters.

  • Be prepared for unexpected events that set you free to explore spirituality, so you can be full present to honor your Divine mission.

Keep releasing old ideas as Mercury completes its long sojourn through the final sign of Pisces over the next month – through April 16 – another 16 activation!

Number 16 calls you to drop all attachments to powerlessness and
Own your Spiritual Crown.

You are magnificent. And special.

You come from the Light. You are a Royal Being of Light. Embody the LIGHT in every fiber of your being.

Just like every snowflake has a unique imprint, so does every human being.

Discover your code of Light – which fired up at the moment of your birth! This code reveals your future forecast, special gifts, strengths, shadow tendencies, divine mission and life purpose.

Your birth blueprint is your living star code map.

To watch the free video on your Divine Blueprint, click here.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

PS. After you watch this free Master Class, you’ll be able to give mini-readings right away! Included is a downloadable Handout, so you’ll be able to take notes easily. 🙂

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