Shanta Gabriel: Love is the Gift

Love is the Gift


Love is the Presence. Love is the Gift.

Reunited with all the lost Souls, you are finding your way Homeward. You now recognize that your greatest strengths are the parts of yourself you have never honored or respected. It was usually because these aspects were not appreciated by the world, so you drew inward in fear. Perhaps even in shame.

But the world has changed as the consciousness of humanity has expanded. The new living frequencies of Light have created a fertile field to plant the seeds of your most precious gifts into the Garden of your Soul.

Your highest soul’s reality that you came here to live is now unfolding even as you step into portions of life that you were not expecting. The Great Unknown of the future can be kind and bless you in ways you had not imagined. If you are nervous about the unknown, there is assumption that the future may not be benevolent. Consider the possibility that there is at least a 50/50 chance it is good as well as the opposite. Know there will be many choices and opportunities ahead.

Creative Solutions abound! As such, you will require discernment to open the doors that will be unlocked so you can enter the ones that let the sun shine into your life.

This Light allows your Soul’s gifts to blossom, often shining through the heart that is breaking, even as it opens to Divine Love.

Your new Soul expression was meant to be expressed in the world. Know that new freedom is at hand when you allow it to unfold without control.

This Equinox a powerful level of balance will bring new traditions forward; Traditions that honor your unique Soul qualities. Invite them in. They will feel surprisingly comfortable and allow more wisdom and the sense of inner knowing to free you so you can live from your heart.

Allow your Soul to shine forth into the world, radiating those gifts that are uniquely yours. All is well and you are free. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for

Archangel Gabriel

March 12, 2019

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