Timothy Glenn ~ Uranus in Taurus: Illusions Get Shattered

Timothy Glenn ~ Uranus in Taurus: Illusions Get Shattered

Timothy Glenn commented via email, “Of course volumes could be written about this… .” I agree, but I love his new article — just in time for tomorrow’s shift.

Uranus in Taurus: Illusions Get Shattered
by Timothy Glenn

We had our preview period for Uranus the Liberator transiting the sign of Taurus, from May 15 to November 6, 2018. He then retrograded back into Aries to tie up loose ends. Most earthlings have no clue about the war that has long been raging below the surface of public awareness, but Uranus in Aries forced a few key issues. Certain cabals had their death grip on the world broken.

However, there are many millions of us who not only can sense what is playing out on the world stage, but can recognize the clues and read the codes. The rest of the population will have the opportunity to catch up later.

And now is the time. On March 6, 2019 Uranus enters Taurus to play for keeps. You could batten down the hatches, buckle your seatbelt, or simply let go. The world will not be the same when Uranus begins its triple transit out of Taurus on July 7, 2025.

A Twilight Analogy
In the Twilight film series, Jacob chooses to play Uranus the Awakener for Charlie. Jacob is a Native American shapeshifter/werewolf, and Charlie is a bit of a muggle.

Before shifting into his wolf form, Jacob tells Charlie: “You are not living in the world you think you’re living in.” And then…poof…Charlie’s worldview is blown to smithereens.

This aptly analogizes the anticipated effects of Uranus expressing his unapologetic self in Taurus for the next several years – simply apocalyptic.

It may come as a true Uranian shock to some, but they will be shown what Carl Gustav Jung was talking about when he said: “People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people.”

Suggestion: don’t believe everything you think.

The Capricorn Context
While it is often helpful to refer to previous planetary transits through the various signs, the overall context is never the same. In this case, Uranus in Taurus will best be understood as a supporting role for the star of the current show: the Global Metamorphosis being influenced by Pluto in Capricorn.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is working its way through the middle of Capricorn this year, and will exactly conjunct Pluto in January of 2020. The “old guard” of the human world is being systematically dismantled, and will be replaced by user-friendly structures.

All of the delicate points in Capricorn that have been getting deconstructed by Saturn or bulldozed by Pluto, will be receiving a supportive trine from Uranus over the next six years or so for the rebuilding phase. A gigantic hand in the universe has clicked on “redo” for this world.

Time to Get Real
Uranus is on a mission. Human delusions will find themselves in the crosshairs of the Revelator, who will appear more like an assassin to the idealogues of the old control systems.

It has been amusing to watch economists trying to project coming trends for the global economic reset. For the most part, their analyses remain based on the rules of the old game that is being phased out of existence.

Here is a fundamental concept to help us understand our planetary shift: all governments, religions and economies are fictions. Even in the legal world, this is the actual designation. Governments only exist because people made them up – they’re fictions. Religions only exist because people made them up – they’re fictions. Economies only exist because people made them up – they’re fictions.

Anything in this world that fails to benefit the Earth and her inhabitants is up for review. Oppressive systems, fictional and otherwise, will be weighed and found wanting. Uranus is indeed on a mission, taking names and numbers.

Taurus involves our valuables, because it represents our values. We will see a massive reprioritizing by the human collective. Anything inauthentic will be cast into the cosmic recycle bin. Indeed, it’s time to get real.

A New Paradigm of Power
We have long been fed the illusion that in the top-down pyramid of control, the power lies at the top. But as usual, that perception is bass ackwards.

So many well-meaning folks are still surrendering much of their own divine creative power to the illusionists at the top of the pyramid – looking for the cause of problems to magically morph into the solution.

Uranus in Taurus will make it plain that the true power in this world rests at the base of the pyramid – the everyday grassroots folk-type humans, and especially the Earth herself.

A lot of what had provided the illusion of safety, security and stability in the old world will be swept away in the gale force winds of change. Comfort will be rezoned, and security blankets will fray and blow away – no more thumb sucking. It’s time for humanity to wake up, grow up, and stand up.

You Are the Creator
Your path through this adventure and all the rest of eternity is yours to create, yours to discover, yours to choose. Everything already exists within the infinite energy field of which we are all expressions. The essence of this Field is what we know as divine love.

Uranus in Taurus will encourage us to create from that infinite essence. Living in the Field of Infinite Possibilities, we can ascend into consciously choosing the possibilities we prefer to experience. Planet Earth is offering to serve as our launching pad into the Infinite. Uranus in Taurus will insist that she be treated with genuine divine love.

Timothy Glenn

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