Tania Gabrielle: Chiron in Aries: The Bold Sacred Warrior


Last week Chiron moved into Aries – and that’s big news!

Aries is the first sign, so Chiron’s brand new journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac begins now.

  • It takes Chiron 51 years to move through the zodiac.
  • Chiron will stay in Aries through 2027.

The last time Chiron spent time in Aries was from 1968-1977.

By the time of its discovery on November 1, 1977, Chiron had already entered Taurus and left the sign of Aries behind.


Thus, THIS transit of Chiron in Aries is the first time in human history that we are AWARE of Chiron’s existence and impact!

Chiron has an irregular orbit – staying in some signs for as little as 1.5 years and others up to nine years.

  • The signs that Chiron spends the longest amount of time in are Pisces (the final sign) and Aries (the first sign).
  • Chiron is the LINK between the unconscious (Pisces) and the conscious (Aries) – the Unseen and the Seen.

Being fully conscious of what was formerly hidden gives you the clarity to set you free.

Chiron is a Soul-centered planet, describing how events, decisions, lessons and activities you experience and create lead to healing.

Essentially Chiron helps you to be your own teacher and guide, and in turn be a guide and teacher to others.

And non matter which sign Chiron was in when you were born… Chiron’s move into Aries impacts everyone!

Since Chiron rarely changes signs, when it does, there’s a palpable energy shift.

  • The last time Chiron changed signs was in 2010 when it moved into PISCES.

Look back at 2010.

What was happening in your life?

In the last 9 years…

  • Chiron in Pisces opened up your spiritual nature, guiding you to understand UNSEEN matters as much (or more) than the SEEN.
  • Chiron in Pisces helped you to discover your subconscious patterns and how they impact your thinking and beliefs.

At this time during the onset of Chiron’s new journey through the twelve signs of the Zodiac you are acknowledging what awakened in you – how you put a lot more TRUST in your INTUITION, and how inspiration and HEALING have become a natural part of your life in a much bigger way.

These are tools you’re using to help you see how Chiron in Aries will UNFOLD in your life through 2027.

If you’re experiencing noticeable shifts or new directions in your life, that’s a clue as to what this Chiron/Aries energy has in store for you.

  • Who you are at a UNIQUE LEVEL, your INDIVIDUALITY
  • EXPLORE your special gifts in a NEW WAY

While Chiron in Pisces was a gentle energy – patient, dreamy and more slow-moving, reflective…

…Chiron in ARIES is pro-active and quick-moving and being very EFFICIENT. Bring issues to a resolution quickly in order for Healing to happen faster.

Chiron also governs LOVE and Compassion, so you’ll invite love into all parts of your life in a CONSCIOUS, more VISIBLE way!

  • Chiron helps you integrate, assimilate and release the past to set you free.
  • Chiron is the SOUL HEALER.

In the next 8 years you’ll be fully accepting yourself at Soul-Level.

Aries symbollizes the Mars / Warrior / Action energy. So Chiron in Aries helps you activate your inner Sacred Warrior!

Being passionately engaged and on fire – being BOLD is going to be encouraged and much more accepted!

Thus – Healing happens on a totally new landscape of COURAGE and ACTION.

As Chiron begins its passionate, fresh and optimistic journey through Aries for the next eight years – take this opportunity to tune into your positive Jupiter birth blessings to help you accelerate the positive momentum!

  • You were born with Jupiter in a specific house and specific sign in your astrology birth chart.
  • Your NATAL Jupiter placement reveals your natural wealth manifestation gifts.
  • In fact, you have 3 Jupiter Wealth Zones.

Each Jupiter zone reveals precisely how you are DESIGNED to attract abundance and experience supreme Soul-level fulfillment.

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Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

PS. So many opportunities to step into YOUR inner Sacred Warrior! Go deepen your commitment to joyful excellence by activating the divine gifts in your Jupiter Wealth Code.


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