Tania Gabrielle: Pisces Blessings: 7 Tips for Creating a Bridge to a New Life


Tuesday the Sun moved into Pisces – a bigger celebration than usual with the Virgo Full Moon (Sun in Pisces) just hours ago!

Pisces is final sign, and so it plays major role in helping us let go of past and release. Surrender and acceptance are very important .

Pisces is the bridge from one life to another life.

Use these next weeks as a stepping-stone to BEGIN again.


As the final water sign in the zodiac – the only element that can reach everywhere – Pisces is a symbol of life. Water dissolves by its very nature. Our tears are water, our life-blood is water, our bodies are mostly made of water and so is Mother Earth.

So Pisces puts you deeply in touch with nurturing your Soul.

Honor the importance of silence and tranquility to receive guidance.

Here are 7 tips as the Sun journeys through Pisces:

1. Emphasize Spirituality and the Divine at all times of the day

2. Set clear intentions ENVISION what you want to manifest

3. DREAM BIG, Imagine your ideas without boundaries – be super creative

4. SURRENDER what you can’t control – give it up to GOD – Forgive

5. Enter timelessness through Music, Meditation… Merge with the Universe.

6. Spend time near WATER and Nature

7. Meditate on how to express your Divine Mission through high vibrational service

Integration is happening now at a profound level as you assimilate into your subconscious lessons, growth, future opportunities (yes Pisces is TIMELESS!) and your Soul Contracts for this lifetime that are activating NOW.

You are more emotionally sensitive when communicating with others.

Your psychic awareness is enhanced.

You feel more romantic…

Your words are gentle, compassionate and kind.

You engage the poetry in life through the magic of your imagination and creativity.

Pisces is about uncovering the UNSEEN and MYSTICAL – so it’s also a great time to delve into astrology and numerology!

Learn more about your own stars and numbers code at BlueprintClass.com and watch a free video about how to read any person’s birth code

Understand yourself and others at Soul-level!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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