Sasha Bonasin: Weekly Horoscope Tarot | 11th – 17th February 2019 – FINANCES | HEALTH & LOVE – Horoscope Tarot

Weekly Horoscope Tarot | 11th – 17th February 2019 – FINANCES | HEALTH & LOVE – Horoscope Tarot

Published on Feb 9, 2019

Weekly horoscope tarot reading from the 11th – 17th February 2019 by psychic Sasha Bonasin. Weekly finances, career, relationships, love, romance, health, spiritual guidance and advice.

This week we have VERY SIGNIFICANT numbers when it comes to shaping our week, of course I’m talking about the start of this highly spiritual week which is on the 11th and it ends on the 17th.

This is very important because it means this week will be will be the beginning of spiritual unfoldment and it will bring us challenges, surprises, new initiative, new prospects, healing, a touch of a whole new dimension and hope. This week will feel different from the start indeed, we will most certainly be able to notice A WONDERFUL ENERGY SHIT, WHICH SO MANY OF US NEEDED

Also, in general, we will be able to notice more energy, optimism, new inspirations, and a sudden need for adventures. The energy we will feel will be rather effective in many different ways, which means there will be the right balance to deal and face certain challenges especially those which normally require lot of confidence to face.

This weekly horoscope tarot reading is for all twelve signs of Zodiac:

Aries 0:50, Taurus 6:24, Gemini 14:28, Cancer 20:28, Leo 26:59, Virgo 36:06, Libra 48:31, Scorpio 58:15, Sagittarius 1:08:05, Capricorn 1:14:00, Aquarius 01:20:00, Pisces 1:30:23


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