TWO Interviews with META (former SSP Dark Fleet double agent) | Ground Crew Command Radio

Great interview with former SSP Dark Fleet double agent META. The Planetary Liberation News Analysis got cut off at 2 hours but the REPLAY has an additional 11 minutes+ at the end. ~PB

How To Perfect The Art of Triggering The Event, Draco Attempted Real ‘Alien Invasion’ in Dec, Blockbuster Interview With Ex Dark-Fleet ‘Timeline’ Agent + Planetary Liberation News Analysis | Ground Crew Command Radio

Our sights here at Ground Crew Command-144 HQ are firmly set on having ‘Lunar Eclipse’ type meditations (in terms of numbers & even impact) every single month!

Our determination to achieve this goal is extreme, tenacious & unyielding!

2 to 4 more such mass meditations can knock-out all remaining physical & non-physical darkness.

And it’s up to you & me to see this through!

We’re yet to tap into our true power.

I’ll be going over the ramifications of predicted ‘series of mini galactic pulses/solar flashes’ throughout at least the first half of 2019, which some psychics are now receiving intuitive hits about … and what 144k Members need to do as a group, to handle this the best way …

… and turn it into a huge advantage for planetary liberation acceleration.

So … onto latest developments.


Blockbuster Interview With Ex Dark-Fleet SSP ‘Timeline’ Agent – Meta

Meta makes his second appearance on Ground Crew Command Radio for this week’s show, and now I’m glad we had those audio problems in our first interview (which was my main motivation for get him on again) … because this interview turned to be MUCH better!

This time, he reveals:

***If you would like to make a small $10 donation to META and his courageous work in getting this info out to us, Here is the link you can use ***

2 thoughts on “TWO Interviews with META (former SSP Dark Fleet double agent) | Ground Crew Command Radio

  1. Survivor of SSP Dark Fleet, META Joins Us – & More on ‘The Autumn Offensive’
    Broadcast in Spirituality 5 months ago
    Ground Crew Command—more-on-the-autumn-offensive

    Dark Fleet
    Time Travel
    Dimensional Travel

    There have been several SSP members that have come out of hiding in recent years. From Randy Kramer, Tony Rodrigues & Elena Kapulnik to Penny Bradley … Lindsey Hooper … and James Rink.

    The interesting thing about Meta … is that he was in the Dark Fleet faction. And managed to survive getting out.

    We’ll be getting into:

    his ‘almost’ twenty years in the Dark Fleet faction

    what he knows about The Event … Antarctica … positive and negative ETs

    mind-blowing “special abilities” (something I’ve been more than hinting at on Ground Crew Command, in terms of what we’re capable of.

    the effect of meditation on the Compression Breakthrough…and META’s own special meditation technique.

    what time travelers can and can’t do to change timelines…and how dimensions and timelines relate to each other.

    and thanks to his ability to astral project, we’ll talk about his visit to Atlantis- specifically how the situation before the fall is almost identical to the situation here & now.

    It’s going to be quite a talk … so don’t miss out.

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