Tania Gabrielle: Neptune sextile Saturn – Dreams Come True


Neptune creates a gorgeous sextile to Saturn on January 31.

It’s the first of three meetings between these two planets this year and so will leave an impact all year long.

Since both Neptune and Saturn are in their respective home signs (Pisces and Capricorn) – the impact is super magnified.

To sum it up:

Your dreams are coming true!

This aspect brings out the best in both planets:

  • Saturn provides the fortitude, discipline and work ethic to take your Divine Mission seriously.
  • Neptune adds romance, spiritual service and love to the wonderful equation.

Saturn gives structure and patience, so your imagination can soar while, at the same time, you have the patience to allow the petals of the flower to open naturally and gracefully.

As a result your future looks and feels BRIGHT.

You feel optimistic AND motivated!

An unbeatable combo…

So get fired up about manifesting something that creates profound internal and external growth…

What makes this opportunity so powerful is how practical and realistic you are while not loosing touch with your initial spark of joy.


Neptune nurtures your inner romantic…

…cherish your heart’s desire.

At this time your devotion to help others is very strong. You don’t mind taking on the responsibility of making your big dream to uplift others REAL.

Sextiles always provide hope as our ideas blossom.

It’s a great time to outline a goal, make plans organize a strategy.

Neptune sextile Saturn also provides an exquisite tranquility, so enhance your life with sacred geometry, peaceful music, serene Japanese gardens – anything with structure and peace that delights your heart.

Health and Healing also get a boost – and continuing all year long.

With Neptune moving through its own sign of Pisces and Saturn in its home sign Capricorn, this is truly a spectacular opportunity – one that will not come around again in our lifetime (Neptune’s orbit around the Sun takes165 years).

So take advantage of the stunning celestial energy flow in play now.

Be sure you have a Universal Star Code roadmap!

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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