Moving Forward with Love by Harold W. Becker

Moving Forward with Love by Harold W. Becker
Posted January 11, 2019

Harold W. Becker 2018-12-11
Life is such an incredible journey of epic unfolding potential. Each of us, endowed with a creative capacity through our thoughts and feelings, have the ability to imagine and manifest whatever we decide to focus upon. More than just a corporeal being walking through each day, we have the gift of consciousness allowing us to dream new ideas and evolve fresh perspectives. These attributes alone make us unique amongst our earthly living counterparts. We also have the magnificent realization of the universal love that permeates our awareness and unites us with every living particle in the cosmos.

With such remarkable creative qualities and nearly infinite possibilities always before us, why do so many seem to continue to live in limitation, fear, worry and doubt? As beings on this planet, our adventure is both individual and collective. From our earliest expressions eons ago and born of practical necessity, we learned to interact with one another finding methods to share our experiences and evolve our various means of communicating. In many ways, this was the beginning of our personal story and the notion of storytelling with each other. When basic survival was our main concern, this method of communication assisted us greatly as we passed our learning of what works to each generation.

Often not remembering or knowing our grandness and creative aptitude, we likewise began sharing our worries, concerns, fears, trials and tribulations. Slowly and steadily, the component of universal love succumbed to a stronger and more compelling sense of fear, based on how each perceived and then told their story to others. Growing into larger social and cultural groups, our individual narratives and stories became part of our collective lore and belief systems. Enduring and evolving, these thoughts and feelings became more about what was happening to us externally and less about our intrinsic ability to create. We forgot we are the authors and creators of our personal story.

Our imagination shifted from the original pure potential and innovative creation, to one of anticipation and reaction to past expressions that we incorrectly assume may happen again. We became reactive rather than proactive in our creation process. Storytelling turned our focus to the past and what was, rather than onward to what can be. Our stories were no longer our own, as we took on others limiting forms of creating as part of our perspective.

We are creator beings filled with desires that originate in our heart.-Harold W. Becker

For many reasons, this outmoded manner of expressing ourselves no longer works. Our collective story is rapidly merging into one global story filled with too many limiting and ineffective approaches of creation that do not benefit all. Thankfully, we are recalling our inner wisdom as a result, since our collective story requires us to advance with compassion and love if we are to survive as a humanity upon this precious earth.

We are creator beings filled with desires that originate in our heart. These are fearless intentions that acknowledge our connection to every facet of life. They represent who we are at the core of our being and who we are becoming. We are once again embodying a mindfulness that realizes every experience is something to personally treasure and that each shows us the path forward with our creative abilities. Infused with the consciousness of love, there is no limit to what we can create together.


Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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