Aluna Ash- 9D: Energy Update & ALL SIGNS 1/8 -Weekly Energy + Update

Energy Update & ALL SIGNS 1/8 -Weekly Energy

Streamed live on Jan 8, 2019

This is for this week.. most likely will not be uploading for the rest of the week. XO WE HAVE 2 BIG PLASMA WAVES COMING. NEAR/AFTER TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. The last wave looked differently clairvoyantly, it was more of an orange pink instead of a purple pink and is lingering longer. They are building up.

We are integrating quite a bit right now within each subatomic particle of our being with these waves, the amount integrated depends on the individual & resonance. We are about to watch so many more awaken in groups.

*The last few days have been tough with the uprooting of karmic frequencies triggered by the eclipse and the energy wave that came through at the same time. If you’re struggling, you’re not alone, You”re not crazy and it will get better. Also Remember: the spiritual attacks increase around waves, portal dates, full moons, new moons, eclipses.

-I most likely wont have time to post much this week as far as making videos, the little time each day that I do have, I’m taking care of work/responses through Aluna Ash Soul Family Facebook page and notes sent through Paypal & sending out orders. I will def upload messages that seem important though, check the community tab on the channel or Patreon public page or the FB page.




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