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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been reeling in the feelings this past week or so, extreme sensitivity, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! But yes, these energies are powerful!  tend to feel major aspects in advance. Then by the time they arrive, I am recovering… ~PB   

Selacia Article & Info on Upcoming:
January 12 Eclipse Season Meditation

We’re entering a significant year of big changes across the planet. In fact, the first week of January is setting the stage for what’s coming. Having a high-energy month now will light the fire catalyzing mega transformation across society and within individuals. Continue reading to learn what this means for you and the world-at-large.

January Planetary Energies

We have 2 powerful eclipses and a supermoon in January. First is a solar eclipse in Capricorn January 5-6. Take note Capricorns – this could be a very potent activator for you. One reason: 5 planets will be in Capricorn – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto. Regardless of your sign, eclipses tend to shake things up and bring surprises. So stay tuned. Second eclipse of January 20-21 is a lunar eclipse in Leo at the first supermoon of the year. We’ll still be processing the energy of this weekend’s eclipse when that second one occurs. Lots of energy with the lunar eclipse, too, as it happens at the first full moon of 2019 and is the first of 3 Supermoons (January, February, March).

To work with these energies most effectively:
(1) make allowances for amplified feelings and sensitivities
(2) take note of how you feel about restructuring your life this year – what do you want to update, let go of, or energize
(3) consider how you can be more flexible and open to change
(4) be prepared for new people and opportunities becoming available
(5) do regular meditation and inner work to stay grounded and in your heart
(6) if issues arise regarding relationships or your life path in general, explore them in a deeper way and clear DNA-level patterns
(7) take moments to be still and contemplate the direction of your life so that you can make any course corrections in a timely way.

Working with Feelings

This month is like a preview of what the year will look like. There’s a heightened energy of change in the air. The momentum has picked up – meaning that our sense of time is morphing as well.

Pace yourself. Stay present. Intend now that this will be the year you get more in touch with how you feel, when you feel it. Feelings aren’t bad. However, when we don’t acknowledge them – especially the troublesome ones like anger – we can bring them into our everyday life in unproductive ways.

Honor how you feel, work internally with your feelings, and allow them to fuel your forward momentum. Example: you may feel angry about injustices. Honor that anger. Sit with it and allow it to transform into a positive catalyst for expressing your inner fire in the world. Some of the greatest revolutionaries have harnessed their anger in this way. Some of the most celebrated authors, filmmakers, artists, and business leaders have tapped their anger to teach the world important truths.

Predictions 2019

Learn more about working with 2019 events and energies in my “Predictions 2019” eBook out soon! If you are on my mailing list you’ll be first to know. I’ll be giving you a grounded spiritual view of what’s coming, how to work with societal and planetary energies, and a practical guide for living your best life throughout the year. This is the third year it’s been in eBook form, expanded beyond the main article I’ve done since the 1990s. Changing times necessitated a new format with expanded content.

New Beginnings

Each year, regardless of the planetary energies, we have opportunities for new beginnings. This is especially true this January. The energies catalyze and support new starts of all kinds. Get creative. Some opportunities may be off your radar. If something – or someone – shows up at your door, consider why. Be curious about the unexpected – and the expected – allowing your mind to see things differently.

Personal transformation is a moving target. There really is no “done.” When you keep this in mind, your journey becomes more joyful, productive, and manageable. You can relax more and let things unfold. Interestingly, as you do this, miracles you hadn’t even asked for can arise.

Miracles in 2019

I believe each of us can create miracles – and experience miracles – during these uncertain times. Out of the chaos, the unknowns, and the disarray, we can discover a new, more enlightened path forward. I envision us doing just that in 2019, reconnecting with the love and light naturally at our core.


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