Tania Gabrielle: Why 2019 is going to be EPIC! [8 Tips]


We are on the cusp of 2019 – an EPIC year!

This coming year you will be able to breathe life into your most precious dreams.

It’s the year for you to accept nothing but greatness!

2019 is governed by Capricorn:

  • 3 Eclipses in Capricorn
  • The buildup of an EPIC multi-century stellar event in Capricorn that culminates exactly one year from now.

Capricorn governs the CAREER sector in astrology.


Here are 8 tips to help you make the BEST out of this powerful year of opportunities – the Capricorn way… with a huge focus on your Divine Mission:

1. Focus on Leadership and Excellence

Leadership is an attitude, not a title or accumulation of wealth or your appearance.

Leadership is a state of mind.

Leadership is excellence in all parts of your life.

Wow yourself and wow the people you serve.

2. Choose Empowering Positive Language

The words you use determine your actions.

If you choose words such as “I can’t” or see an obstacle as a “problem” your emotional state goes into negativity.

Instead say – “I know there’s a way!” or “I can”!

Call an obstacle “an opportunity in disguise” or “a challenge that will help me grow”.

3. Serve others (not siphon energy from others)

Give something of value – whether it is a smile, an encouraging compliment, a sense of calm, a service that enhances, deep eye contact, a kind word.

Be the person who inspires, uplifts, listens and deepens contact with Spirit.

4. Deliver Real Results with Enthusiasm

Delivering results is not based on luck – results are not created by chance.

Results come from a relentless pursuit of focusing on the right things.

Be enthusiastic about your goals. You cannot accomplish anything without being passionately fired up!

Have fun!

Enthusiasm will move you through the day with a smile, strength and grace.

5. Focus on Success

Contributing something valuable and uplifting changes everything.

Find your purpose and have the courage to devote your life to it.

Success has everything to do with focusing your energy exclusively on your best opportunities.

Stay obsessively devoted to your mission this year.

Make the world a better place for being in it by contributing a legacy of love and light.

6. Declutter and Simplify

De-clutter your environment, but more importantly – de-clutter your habits.

People tend to add complexity – longer “to do” lists, more projects, more offerings, more material goods, even more goals…

Do the opposite of what most people do.

Think simply and focus on only a few things – what’s most important.

Simplify your life and you will amplify success.

7. Hug your Loved Ones

Love someone every day. Tell a person how much you care.

See the BEST in everyone.

Do not engage in conflict or confrontation – it will drain your vitality. Apologize quickly if you’ve hurt someone, make the situation right, and then breathe, relax and move on.

Share your successes with your family – your parents, your partner, your children, your most intimate friends.

In the morning and before bed, hug your kids. Always.

Hug, hug and hug some more – Long hugs… open your heart!

8. Unplug from Noise and Distractions

Observe when you get pulled into the noises and distractions of modern life.

Be vigilant about saying NO to diversions and trivial addictions.

Listen to music that uplifts, podcasts and videos that inspire.

Read books that help you grow and teach you something new – a different perspective that lights you up at Soul level.

Discard drama and crassness from your life.

Silence the chattering in your mind.

If your day starts to fill up with noise and distractions, close your eyes. Reflect on your divine mission. Make your goals come alive. Fire up your imagination and focus on your most important goals for the day.

Stay on course.

We are blessed to be alive during an epic changing of the guard!

Everything on Earth is being restructured. Humanity is discovering a higher vibration, greater energy resources, expanded dimensions and the tremendous potential of the human spirit.

May your 2019 be Epic, Exhilarating and Extraordinary!!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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