Enjoy this day

Enjoy this day, have fun, make peace, because not only is the planet’s shift from physical 3D to lightbody 5D accelerating earth changes globally, but geopolitics has become a Theatre du Absurd, where up is down and good is bad, and most people can’t tell the difference between the White Hats/Alliance/Galactics/Citizen Journalists and the Deep State/Cabal/Globalists/Mass Media (and worse). Eventually, it will be crystal clear to all of us.

Rest assured, rEvolution is coming, at WARP speed. So best to prepare, hang loose, expect the unexpected, and no matter what, DO NOT PANIC, because when SHTF happens, chaos and confusion will be short-lived and many irrefutable truths will be revealed, that will usher in a Mass Awakening.

There will be celebrations, but we’ve got to get through the tough parts first. Planetary Liberation is no small fete; it is a Co-creative process, and we are all here to usher it in. Intention is everything. So enjoy these precious moments now. There is much work ahead, but even now, many of us feel that unprecedented change is imminent. Rejoice!


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