Aluna Ash- 9D: The Shift. Energy Update 12/10

#5D #4thDensity #PoleShift

The Shift. Energy Update 12/10

Published on Dec 10, 2018

#4thDensity #PoleShift

I know i already mentioned this in past videos but still seeing what looks like a submarine.. i keep being shown movement in water & a sub maybe scanning the area for energy changes, dont really know, well I do know exactlt what Im seeing & feeling about it just unsure if it’s meant to be mentioned.

We are moving closer as a collective to the embodiment of Christ consciousness.. some are already there, other’s are partly there, and some are and/or feeling really stuck in the duality 3D matrix.

This is not the “end times” it’s the end of 3 dimensional consciousness. And beginning of the collective seeing beyond linear time & seeing beyond the visible light frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Fear is only a 3D matrix program for control to delay our 5D 4th density Upliftment as a collective. 5D Upliftment to the Divine Feminine Magnetic Sun Cycle: transition complete- 2021 12/12=6 (4D) on a Solar Tone Day. Tone 9(5D) And last day of the 5th moon cycle. The “Sun Awakens” in or after the 6th moon cycle, which starts December 13th (13 is the number of the Sun)


2 thoughts on “Aluna Ash- 9D: The Shift. Energy Update 12/10

  1. Galactic Portal 12/21. 12/9
    Aluna Ash- 9D
    Published on Dec 9, 2018

    Dissolving karmic imprints is very important. Projections become karmic energies. “Anything sent out, comes back to sender”

    We can eliminate karmic patterns through triggers by seeing the triggered reaction as a program of the 3D matrix thought construct. By knowing that at our core essence we are uncondtional love and one, it releases the duality within then the duality externally will not affect our peace of mind… becoming trigger-less. We wouldn’t be able to experience peace without going through instability. Or happiness without experiencing sadness, love without experiencing hate. Now with the 5D Upliftment, we are experiencing a remembering of who we truly are. Not everyone in our experience will be able to see things in this way, but the more we stay living in our heart in a place of unity, compassion and empathy, it won’t matter. Everyone is going through their own soul lessons & growth. I choose not to have empathy for the darkness… but empathy for the souls the darkness has attached itself to. But in order to starve them out- we must stay in unity, love, compassion fully. You can starve the darkness in your haters this way too- by being love, being happy, content and fully followimg your path…. while they watch 😁

    **If you’re dealing with alot of projections, attacks, hate, etc… the darkness ALWAYS scrambles during big shifts, and this ones a big one. Not the person as dark but the darkness attached to them or working through them. Those fully in their heart in 5D embodiment dont attack others- they wouldnt be able to. Darkness will be coming to the surface in everyone to be purged at some point- so really its a positive thing. Its just the 3D programs, archons, entities, etc.. they are being starved out with this shift so they will be working extra hard to create triggers so you stay in a lower frequencies so they can survive. This is due to the upcoming changes with the collective and individuals following their heart.

    This is prep and merging for March/April 2019.

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