Aluna Ash- 9D: New Earth Shift 11/27 + Energy Update & Next Wave- The Remembering + ALL SIGNS Energy Update

New Earth Shift 11/27

Published on Nov 27, 2018

Alot a physical purging for many can bring up a lot of symptoms some of you are feeling flu like symptoms, I was on and off over last couple weeks. Drink plenty, rest plenty, stay focused on your spirit. May feel waves of energy move through body.. may feel like anxiety at times.

If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time feeling like circumstances are completely out of their control, just know that this is part of the clearing unconscious imprints that’s taking place there- is an uprooting of karmic frequencies individually and collectively. This is clearing the realms & timelimes to move into higher ones

We are all going through upheavels, changes, purges at some level.. be kind & gentle to yourself and others right now. Staying out of duality, division and judgment about another’s path or where another person is at at this moment in time, is SOOO helpful in raising the collective consciousness, there is no right or wrong there is only perception and experience that we are playing out due to the laws of cause and consequence.

I’ve definitely felt the physical symptoms due to imprints of diff things coming from past lives and childhood that i didnt even know about or remember. Theres definitely a remembering and Awakening of the unconscious mind and all imprints within the different Realms of our psyche that were playing out energetically/astrally in the diff planes within the physical

I almost let projections get the best of me and came very close to deleting my channel!😂 thinking back now its ridiculous lol.. dont allow anyone to project negativity on to you to the point it messes with your mind, *return to sender* in love. Its a spiritual war.

I love you guys & im very grateful for your support



3 thoughts on “Aluna Ash- 9D: New Earth Shift 11/27 + Energy Update & Next Wave- The Remembering + ALL SIGNS Energy Update

  1. Energy Update & Next Wave- The Remembering 11/26
    Aluna Ash- 9D
    Published on Nov 26, 2018

    Some both of you are already feeling this next energy wave others will be feeling it within the next few days or so. Nov 30th-12/3 it depends on your location, your timeline, vibration and what you are tuning into for energy at this time.

    Ive been seeing a split of realities or realms

    I am having the issue with hearing electronics lately everything is just heightened with the frequencies.. even the energy in the environment has changed so this shift has definitely been happening. This wave that they’re calling Dark Matter was a reactivation of the rainbow mist or purple Mist wave that came in in March of 2018 that was triggered by the February solar eclipse in this was the true trigger point for the pole shift to manifest in the physical now it’s manifesting in the collective timelines from March of 2018 up until now we’ve manifested this as a collective into the physical collective timeline. November 11th- 11 11 11 celestial body Mars hit the same degree, 27, of the solar eclipse that brought in the wave in February where Mars was at 11° at 11pm and this was a trigger point to reactivate this energy. I mentioned this in past videos that there would be a wave that would move through timelines triggered by November 11th. In this would manifest in different timelines of the collective / 3 to 4 weeks from 11-11-18(11)

    We are remembering aspects of us that we’ve been cut off from due to clearing Collective programming and infringement on free will due to timeline looping through collective conscious constructs. There is activations that are taking place the next activation at a collective level will be felt around March of 2019. These activations are giving us a speckled back of ourselves that we lost.

    I remove viewed 2022 and 2025 and the energy is completely different m, the way I look is different, the way other people are experiencing the reality is different so this shift is really happening😎😎 The rest of the collective will begin to go through what many of you already have– so Now’s the Time to feel really grateful that we’ve already gone through a lot of our purging and clearing and complete transformations… or Dark Night of the Soul.

    Feel free to fast w me the week if you feel guided to

  2. ALL SIGNS Energy Update 11/26
    Aluna Ash- 9D
    Streamed live on Nov 26, 2018

    Apologize for noise in heat turns on & off depending on the temp. and then my daughter & her friend giggling in background.

    I Uploaded Twinflame reading on Patreon

    The Patreon Shakti transmission will be later tonight due to going day w out power & threw the day off so itll be a late night.

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