Dorothy Morgan: #Astrology Forecast #Week of November 26 to December 2nd

#Astrology Forecast #Week of November 26 to December 2nd Dorothy Morgan

Published on Nov 22, 2018

November 26 Sun Jupiter Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius. Do something you have been putting off. Take a chance. Enjoying life, experiencing new things.
Moon Pluto are opposing…. Deeper emotional connection to what we are passionate about.
Moon in Leo Tuesday morning Nov 27th creative, inspiring, productive and fun through Wednesday.
Thursday November 29 we have a Virgo Moon Organize, pulling things together , making sense of our creative moments.
Friday November 30th Venus opposing Uranus, North and South Nodes opposing, Make a Grand Cardinal Cross, Venus in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. This can be very self- focused and it is supposed to be.
Spiritual shifts with the Nodes (more on them as the year progresses). The physical needs of Venus and Uranus.
Saturday December 1st Mercury moves back into Scorpio. Taking a deep dive. Nothing superficial here.
Venus in Scorpio is money, stocks, banking, Credit cards and more. Checks and balances.
Mercury retrograde in Scorpio Venus forward in Scorpio A lot is coming to the surface.

Dorothy Morgan is an experienced professional Astrologer with over 29 years’ of study. She is a consulting astrologer doing thousands of charts in her career so far.
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