Tania Gabrielle: 11:11:11 Your Special Guide!

11:11:11 is here!


Every year November 11 activates the 11:11 portal.

However THIS year on Sunday, we’re adding a third 11 – since 2018 adds up to an 11 Universal Year.

Any triple magnification of a number enhances it exponentially.


11:11:11 asks that you manifest dynamic, radical new beginnings in some area of your life!

You are crossing a threshold of no return.


Imagine coming to the edge of a river at the cusp of a thunderous waterfall… and being asked to spread your wings…


Imagine navigating a close relationship or career decision with brand new eyes…

Imagine navigating a close relationship or career decision with brand new eyes…

You see and hear things you missed before, and this new perspective helps you let down your guard and surrender.


Imagine a birth so profound it leaves you speechless…

All you can do is to OBSERVE.

11:11:11 gives you the sacred space to observe a profound inner transformation.

  • You are seeing with new eyes, hearing more acutely, touching others with great sensitivity
  • Your extra-sensory perception is through the roof…
  • Your capacity to empathize is infinite…
  • Your willingness to let go and go with the flow is liberating…

You have set yourself free, and you know that life is meant to be lived this way all the time.


This is one of those moments you just GET IT.

Any portal you encounter suspends you in timelessness…

You’re exploring unending realms of possibility, growth, abundance and bliss.

You’ll definitely want to know all the most fortunate Prosperity Portal Days coming up in 2019!

So I just added a new Fast Action BONUS to the 2019 Ultimate Yearly Forecast – I am sharing MY personal Fortune Calendar with you!

  • My Secret List of all Fortunate Prosperity Portal Days in 2019. 

Calculated using BOTH Astrology and Numerology – you’ll not see this fortunate star code list anywhere else!

It’s your secret guide to help you PLAN successful outcomes in ADVANCE!

So make sure you register for the 2019 Ultimate Yearly Forecast now. Especially since we are still offering the early-bird subscriber’s discount (expires shortly)!

Click here for all the details + to get your discount.


Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. During the 2019 Ultimate Yearly Forecast Livestream presentation on 12.12 you’ll also discover your Personal Year, Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign forecasts, get to ask me questions and get instant access to a Replay – and so much more… so be sure to take advantage of the special Subscriber’s Discount before it expires!

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