Wandering and Wondering

The Truth shall set us free!

Reflections of Riverman

From the mountaintop
We can see the horizon
and all that is approaching us. 

From the Light
We can see ourselves
on the mountaintop
wandering and wondering.

~ Riverman


Truth is the ultimate cleanser and releasing agent with each of us being activated by it’s energies. And so we are like that of a butterfly emerging into the Light after our self imprisonment and transformation Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
– cRb 10.27.12

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David Wilcock: MOMENT OF TRUTH: Q Anon Discloses Secret Space Program | Divine Cosmos

The latest from David Wilcock:

Tania Gabrielle: More Precious Gifts from the Taurus Full Moon


The Taurus Full Moon is having a big impact on us – and will continue to do so for at least the next two weeks.

Maybe you’ve had new developments in your family life and emotional life…

Developments that have been exciting, surprising or felt disruptive.

Or you’ve felt the unexpected energy financially.

After all, Venus not only governs love and relationships but financial flow and money.

Whatever area in your life is impacted, you want to stabilize it now.


The Universe always provides both the experience and the tools to digest and navigate the experience.

In this case, the Moon was conjunct (merged with) Uranus and both were opposite the Sun – a stimulation of sudden change, breakthroughs, shifts, excitement, and possible disruption – certainly interesting and unusual developments!

Then we also had Saturn trine the Moon and sextile the Sun which provided a welcome “release valve” of stability, patience, and perseverance to consider the shifts with great maturity.

Venus helped out too!

Venus retrograde was merged with the Sun during the Taurus Full Moon – and Venus rules Taurus!

Venus and Sun merged symbolize Love and Light!

LOVE more deeply. DELIGHT in your life.

Essentially, the PROGRESS you can make now is immeasurable.

You are thinking more progressively and FEELING more deeply than ever.

Taurus is a very personal sign. It asks you what you want, what you need, what you desire.

Taurus is also a fixed sign, like Scorpio, so it likes to keep things as they are. Taurus brings such a stable energy. Very calm. The flip side is that Taurus sometimes has difficulty getting out of its comfort zone and resists change, so it seeks stability.

However, with this Taurus Full Moon, change is inevitable. Uranus conjunct the Moon is an exciting injection of exciting shifts – so you’re being asked to get out of your comfort zone.

Uranus is unpredictable. And a Uranus/Moon conjunction means you won’t care anymore what others think.

Moon/Uranus is also very sensitive.

Due to your great sensitivity at this time, you may not want confrontation for fear of rejection.

However, the blessing is that this Moon/Uranus conjunction allows you to accept your uniqueness and accept differences in others.

This is why Progress and Progressive Thought are so favored now!

Furthermore, Saturn is supporting you to make the changes!

Saturn’s trine to the Moon is providing security, stability and patience.

So, expect surprises and shifts (if they haven’t happened for you already).

Open your mind to think outside the box.

Bring in the NEW Energy!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

A Message to Lightworkers – October 26, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – October 26, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

COR: My friends, as you know, it’s not unusual for me to get emails from people who are tired and frustrated with the state of the world. From time to time I come to you with one of these, asking for your wisdom and encouragement for all who are experiencing this now.

Here is a recent email I received from a Lightworker who is always working at receiving higher wisdom and making their Light brighter, yet who feels discouraged:

Lightworker: “I am trying so hard to keep a good thought for the current political situation in this country, but I am having a hard time being secure that we will win the day on November 6.

And now that our highest court has been illegally packed with dark hat conservatives, do we have any recourse even if we do prevail in November? I am so very weary of all this hate and greed. All of us need a break.

I AM intending to manifest enough money to get my own place and take a year off. Any assistance with that would be appreciated.

I just feel that if I do not get some good news/success at something after all this work, I would rather just leave. I am heartily sick of this limited life. The “job,” my roommate, my son’s broken neediness, political corruption.

Most of all, I am sick of the empty promises that it will be better. Even though I would like to believe differently, I now think that the “Law of Attraction” is b.s., and that it’s all about the luck of the draw.

One way or another, I’m taking a break, here or over the Rainbow Bridge. It truly makes no difference to me anymore.”

Photo by Lynne Newman

Photo by Lynne Newman

The Collective: We are glad that you have come to us with this question, dear one. Because what you are experiencing now is being felt by many millions around the planet.

You are correct in your perception that things have reached a dire state in the United States and in other places in the world.

Yet we assure you that much of this is Appearance, and that is never the whole story.

Far from seeing a resurgence of shadow-filled thought, feeling, and action upon the Earth, what you are witnessing now is the end of the old regime.

It is so that humanity was once programmed to view life as a matter of fear-based self-protection, sheer survival, competition for resources, ego-driven desperation, armed conflict, chaos, and sacrifice.

None of this need describe life on Earth now. It does not describe your life and principles, nor the life and principles of many millions of others.

And that is the hard part, at the moment, dear one.

For as you are moving forward into a new day, in which your understanding of how life can be—one of Peace, prosperity, renewal, cooperation, compassion, intuitive understanding—as you are moving into that beautiful New Earth, the old power structure is exerting its last desperate efforts to hold back from your consciousness the Light that you came to absorb, and to beam out into every aspect of Earth life.

It is not your role to take on the depth of their darkness and density, any more than it is their role to encourage you further into the Light.

Release the need to either understand their machinations or to supersede them by using their old form of using purely outer action to change things.

Your power now is utterly within, and those feelings, thoughts, and beliefs you must guard powerfully.

You speak of an election, and it is indeed important to participate in such.

Yet who is elected in any election is not anywhere near so important as the active involvement of millions of people in the act of voting itself—the forward movement that says, “We are here, and we are using our collective Voice to declare our own political reality.”

That is the power of unified human consciousness—when people get together and decide, as you have, that they are stepping out of a limited life.

And it is that, among other breakthrough moments, that you are asking to see now.

You are asking for inspiration, for a reason to keep going. You are asking for the grace needed to see the Light at work, and to disregard the shadows.

You are asking to feel good about your life, to stay present and aware in it, and to remember why you have come here. And that is beautiful, and as it should be.

Yet in order for you to experience what you are asking for, we would ask that you take your eyes off of the intentionally chaotic mismanagement of so much public life now, and concentrate on the beauty of any good thing you can find.

Any inspiring piece of music, art, or community work.

Any positive action on behalf of any group or individual, whether it is assisting someone less able, showing some kind encouragement or support to children or elderly, creating a community garden, volunteering to work with homeless people or animals—the intention behind any kind or good action you take or observe now will magnify in effect many hundreds of times over.

Photo by Rene Turcotte

Photo by Rene Turcotte

Because what the evening news has not told you, while announcing one disaster, disturbance, gaffe or another, is that all done in the Light now is taking on a special strength, resilience, and expansiveness.

And so those acts, intentions, words, feelings, thoughts that come from the heart with a high intent are multiplied in strength many times over, reaching round the world to strike a similar chord of contentment, thankfulness, and inspiration for not only thousands, but millions of people.

This is why we are asking Lightworkers, as we did in Wednesday night’s Abundance Group Call, to please concentrate now on beauty, kindness, goodness, new life, and inspiring thoughts, sights, and music now—and to get more rest, drink more water, have a daily quiet time, and to listen to inspiring high-vibrational music as often as possible.

Yes, there is a tremendous pressure being exerted on your systems now. You will feel exhausted and “done in” some days, and ready to be done with Earth life.

Yet it is not Life you are rejecting. It is the old third dimensional forms, energies, constraints, and beliefs that your entire system is throwing out and refusing to live with.

You are also going through tremendous change on all levels of your being that would exhaust or try anyone’s patience and ability to cope.

There are also layers of radiance being added to your energies that you may not yet be aware of.

These can assist you if you will engage your etheric energies (highly responsive to your thoughts, physical well-being, and emotions) in positive and upward-facing ways.

And so we encourage you not to think of “leaving,” for you would only run into yourself and your Ascension birth pains everywhere you went, dear one—even if you exited for rejoining life in the higher realms.

There are still questions to be answered, and old issues from this and many other Earth lives to be resolved, and you have come here for that, along with the experience of Joy when you least expect it.

Photo by Lynne Newman

Photo by Lynne Newman

We ask that you not be put off, discouraged, or disheartened by the lost souls’ desperate, last-chance bag of tricks.

Do not be so impressed with these that you believe their machinations have anything to do with you, or anything to do with Earth life now.

For you are creating that Earth that you have waited to see for so long.

Far from wondering when the madness will finally be over, you have chosen to be an active participant in creating that vision which you dreamt of before incarnating—that of a New Earth and a human race that cannot be harmed, deluded, exploited or lied to anymore.

You are on a very great spaceship of organic matter, spinning through the Universe at great speed.

Honor your place as a crew member of real importance on that ship, and find any reason to avoid that which brings your energy down, in favor of seeking out that which brings your energy and mindset up.

Time in Nature can be highly restorative, making an evening walk a far better choice than sitting down before the evening news (which works on you even more vibrationally than it does mentally and emotionally).

We are aware that you wish to know “What’s going on!” So ask your Spirit team whatever you need to ask, pouring out any frustrations and unhappiness, and require them to download you with their wisdom and guidance.

Act upon what you receive.

Now is the time to take your eyes off of falsely appointed “leaders” and realize, “The leader here would be me, actually—and I accept that office!”

Despite these pains and tiredness of what you have been observing, whole parts of your spirit are even now moving joyfully into your new place as a co-Creator on a self-determining sovereign planet.

You are leaving behind forever the sadness of feeling you have no choices, and that all is lost.

All is now found, and found within your own spirit and soul, and that of millions of other Light Beings who came here to witness an unprecedented move from 3D density to 5D brilliance.

You will not miss that very beautiful boat, we promise you.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.

Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and radio host of “The Empowered Lightworker” on http://www.LNMRadioNetwork.com, Studio B. She channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

John Smallman: Saul: Truly this is both a crazy and a fantastic time to be incarnate!

Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday October 24th

As the mainstream media continues to focus on conflict, disagreements, and general calamities, set your intent to focus on Love.  Love is the power of God extended to and shared with all of creation.  There is absolutely nothing that approaches Its power, strength, intelligence, and wisdom, or Its complete and utter unconditional acceptance of all sentient life.  Love is the infinite field in which all of creation expands to add joy continuously to all that it contains.  Love always acts joyfully and with infinite wisdom, It is the Truth that is Reality.  There is nothing else.

For eons humans have sought Love outside themselves, from another or from God; but God, who is Love, is within you and will be found nowhere else.  Yes, you may well find another to love you, but that will always be conditional love, conditional on your living up to their ideas of what love should be.  Yes, even though a mother’s love for her children is very strong, nevertheless, if the child is not in love with itself it will remain unsatisfied and searching.

Self-love dissolves unworthiness, guilt, inadequacy, and shame.  And there is no one in human form who has not experienced these feelings, in fact, these beliefs about themselves.  You are who you are, just as God created you, and that will never change, so to attempt to model yourself on someone else, no matter how wonderful, honest, or perfect they appear to you to be, will never bring you peace, contentment, or satisfaction.  Those can only be found through self-acceptance – self-love – which is acceptance of yourself just as you are, a perfect divine child of God who has chosen to undergo the human experience of lack and limitation.  Once you realize that and accept it, then, and only then, will you find peace.

True inner peace, not a temporary cessation of conflict with others or with life itself, is only found in self-acceptance, and the resultant uncovering within yourself of the Love that has always resided there.  Fear, bitterness, anger, and resentment in any form effectively fill your minds with distractions from Reality, Love, blocking your awareness of what always rests within you.  The first step toward this awareness is through forgiveness, forgiveness of yourselves and of others.

Forgiveness is not choosing to overlook faults in yourselves or others, it is choosing to see that they are unreal.  Faults are mistakes or errors that have occurred in your human lives before this moment of now, which you choose to focus your attention on now even though they are no longer occurring.  Yes, they may occur again, and if they do, then deal with them, but don’t dwell on them.  When you dwell on them and relive them there is no way you can be at peace because they are stirring up negative emotions in the present moment about something that is over.

Emotions are useful, they show you how you feel in certain situations, allowing you to decide how to respond.  However, very often, people allow themselves – mostly unconsciously – to be driven and directed by their emotions, and that frequently leads to conflict, but it never leads to peace, inner peace, which is the only true peace.

Not to react in anger is good, but it is not enough because that anger has to be felt and released.  If it is not released it festers and demands your attention.  When you are at peace nothing demands your attention, instead you choose in each moment where to focus your attention.  When you choose where to focus your attention, instead of allowing your moods or your emotions to direct you, you will be able to deal with all that arises peacefully, even with situations that arise as conflict.

You are all presently incarnate on Earth at this time because you all chose to be here at this time in humanity’s ongoing spiritual evolution.  Truly this is both a crazy and a fantastic time to be incarnate!  And you knew that would be the case before you made that choice.  Your presence, the presence of each one of you, is an absolutely essential part of humanity’s awakening process, your awakening process!

You are most highly honored, here in the spiritual realms, for your inspired and courageous individual decisions to incarnate and most positively assist in the awakening process.  You all knew it would be a most demanding experience, but you also knew that you would have massive assistance from those in the spiritual realms throughout what at times would be a tempestuous journey, a wild ride.  Nevertheless, you also knew that it would be exciting, uplifting, and marvelously fulfilling, because of course you also knew that you could not fail to complete it perfectly.

So, go within as often as you can daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, ask for help and guidance, and open your hearts – freed from any anger, bitterness, or resentments that you may have been clinging to – and accept and enjoy the loving embrace that awaits you there in every moment, strengthening and fortifying you so that you can deal peacefully and lovingly with whatever arises.  And you will!  Failure is not an option, and is completely impossible.  You will return Home.

With so very much love, Saul.


John Smallman: Do not allow doubts about your worthiness, your competence, or your abilities to discourage you. | Jesus Through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday October 23rd

We, God, the All, Source, Reality, the One, YOU – all sentient life – areintensely and creatively fully involved in the awakening process.  It is ongoing, and it has been since the moment of apparent separation, and now the next moment of awakening is approaching rapidly, as “stuff” arises for everyone to release and make room for L O V E, your true nature, to unveil Itself in your hearts and minds.  Many of you are already getting a sense, a feeling of this, so open yourselves fully to It, there is nothing to fear, no one is in any way unworthy, or undeserving.  The Divine Will is that you KNOW yourselves as One with Source, absolutely fearlessly because that is your Home, that is where you belong, that is the “Place” that you have never left.  So, Wake Up, and ENJOY REALITY!

The Source is perfect in every way; there can be NO imperfections in Reality.  You have all just spent time – which is in truth unreal – a large amount of time, pretending that you were imperfect, unworthy sinners, undeserving of God’s infinite and unchanging Love for you.  It is time to stop pretending and be the glorious Beings that God created.  Stop hiding, instead, shine forth in the magnificence of your own brilliance as individuals expressing God in myriad ways.  That truly is your will and God’s.  There is NOTHING else, only the Divine Will, which is your will, and that Will wills only endless joy for all of creation.  Parents love their children and want the best for them, always.  God infinitely more so, and God’s Will is always unfolding perfectly!


It is time, in fact it is well past time, to cease negatively judging yourselves or others.  Judgment focuses on errors, mistakes, beliefs, sins, offenses, all of which are unreal and which just distract you from the Love that envelops you in every moment, waiting to embrace you as soon as you release judgment and the other negative and meaningless distractions with which your human lives, your egos, keep presenting you.  Resentment, bitterness, desire for justice, restitution, and punishment of those who have wronged you are major blocks to Love, which is unconditionally accepting of all.

People only attack when they are suffering, and on Earth there are countless numbers who are suffering.  Suffering could be avoided and dissolved if people would open to Love, for suffering is but the absence of Love.  When Love fills you, there is no suffering, only peace, joy, and compassion for those who are suffering.  Compassion is Love directed to others who are suffering, and it heals and comforts them.

You who are presently incarnate on Earth chose to be here at this time because you saw the intense need for Love and compassion world-wide, and you could see very clearly how enormously helpful your presence would be, once you realized that there was far more to life than what humans generally experience; when you realized that your humanity was but a tiny aspect of who you truly are.  You are here on a mission, a mission of Love.  By becoming aware that Love is your nature and owning It, you start to live It and demonstrate Love in action wherever you go.  That is what you incarnated to do, and if you are reading or listening to this you know it, and are already doing it!

So, accept your destiny as much needed loving presences on Earth, healing and accepting all with whom you interact in any way at all, and rejoice in the understanding that you have found your paths Home.  Love is the way Home, there is no other way, and you have chosen it by opening to the awareness that this is so.

Living lovingly is amazingly powerful and effective.  You may well not be aware of the enormously important work that you are doing by just being – being Love – so I am telling you so that you do not dismissively tell yourselves that you are doing nothing, or very little.  What you are doing is E N O R M O U S!  No one else can do it, and it is essential.  You are divine Light Workers fully engaged 24/7 in humanity’s awakening process, and you are irreplaceable!


Do not allow doubts about your worthiness, your competence, or your abilities to discourage you.  Often there is no positive feedback for you as you go about your daily lives, but truly, your loving presence is having a wonderful and miraculous effect all across the world.  Remember, you are scattered world-wide through many races, ethnicities, religions, and none, because you are needed precisely where you find yourselves.  And yes, occasionally, you may feel the intuitive nudge to move, so honor that, but know that in every single moment you are precisely where you are supposed to be, precisely where your amazing gifts will be most effective.

Here in the spiritual realms we watch over you with unceasing Love, amazed and delighted by your strength of purpose, your resilience, and your unceasing fortitude, even in circumstances that can oftentimes seem absolutely overwhelming. When you finally realize what you have achieved – what you have in fact already achieved – your joy and amazement will bedazzle you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Jennifer Hoffman: The 5 Dimensions of Will

This is an  Archangel Uriel channeled message, enjoy!

Your free will represents the power you have to express your creative energy and integrated divinity in the third dimension and you can use this ability in any way you believe is right, necessary, and appropriate. It means you have unlimited power of energy expression and no power in the universe will judge, alter, or influence your energy choices in any way. Your free will is your source of miracles, mastery, and manifestation and it is the unlimited power and access to your infinite potential. If you use it in ways that do not allow the expression of your greatest potential and possibilities, you will not be able to access the free will’s multi-dimensional energies that include 5 or more dimensions of being.

Each dimensional aspect of will has a function on your ascension path and all must be used together, in congruent harmony, in order to activate the manifesting ability that is your divine blueprint, as well as how you fulfill your purpose of creating the healing to congruent harmony reality foundation for your ascension path’s energetic resonance in your life, for the earth, and for the collective of humanity.

In the first dimension your will exists as the energy of light and dark, which you identify as good or evil. This is a very limited dimension with little potential for growth and expansion. The choices you make in this aspect, to be in the light or the dark, to be good or evil, allow you to move to the 2nd dimension, which is structure or form. In this dimension your will creates a reality whose form depends on which vibration and frequency of 1st dimensional energy you are in. The 2nd dimension is the mind/body connection, where you receive, integrate, and align with energy without awareness (which happens in the 5th dimension).

The third dimension is the energy of emotions, which is where you create an emotional mirror of energies that you have chosen in the first dimension and the form you have created from the second dimension. The third dimension is the emotional body connection, the place where you receive and express energy after you have filtered them through the emotional body. Here is where you judge light, dark, structure and form and how your emotional body responds to what you have created.

The portal to the 4th dimension is intuition, which is the bridge between spiritual and material realities. In order to move to the 4th dimension you need to learn the energies of acceptance, forgiveness, discernment, and detachment, which are lessons learned from your experience of the 3rd dimension. The 4th dimension can be related to the spirit aspect of the Divine Trinity, where your mind, body, and emotions are balanced and expanded by spirit and your connection to a higher source and frequency.

The 4th dimension key energies are awareness and intention and the lesson is energy mastery and sovereignty. This moves you out of the unconscious energies of emotion and into greater energetic balance and control over your energies, your frequency, and vibration. The purpose is the integration of your humanity, spirit, and divinity. This impacts your creation abilities as you move out of unconscious reaction and fear into the controlled response and unfolding creation of miracle mastery, intentional creation, and the energetic congruence of self and Self awareness.

In the 5th dimension you have joy, vision, and knowing, which requires the awakening of and connection to your inner intuitive guidance, faith and trust, and full connection to Source and your power as co-creator. When you arrive at the 5th dimension your will is directly connected to your highest potential, your higher self and Source, and this is where you create heaven on earth.

By understanding the many dimensions of your will you can know how you use energy to create and the levels of dimension you are creating from. Fear is the lowest level of energetic vibration and the least rewarding and beneficial energy but the choice to be in the energies of joy and the light of divine truth is one of humanity’s lessons.

Releasing judgment, self blame, to embrace self acceptance and forgiveness are the bridge to the highest dimensions of being. Use your will to create the reality you most want for yourself and the world will benefit from the use of your will to serve your soul mission and life purpose, to expand the energies of love and joy, and to experience life as the highest expression of your light.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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“How to tune to the solution of your problems” by Dr. Taryn Crimi

“How to tune to the solution of your problems”

by Dr. Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to focus upon what is often considered to be a difficult task, yet it is absolutely necessary if you want your life to change for the better. We want to briefly discuss the topic of learning how to ignore or disregard the things “going wrong” in your life so that you may make room for the things you do want to create.

You see, what we are speaking about is the strong attention that is often times given to the biggest perceived problems in your life. Many are taught that if you simply choose to ignore the problem it will only get bigger. After all, if you don’t fix it who will? And so we very much want to address this concern because it plagues even the most enlightened of you.

The events and circumstances around you that are “back firing” or seemingly imploding from the inside out are there for your benefit, not your demise. We know this is hard to understand when you are in the thick of it, trying your very best to see your way out of the maze which has entrapped you. But that is just what any problem really is, it is a maze that can only entrap you if you continue to play the game, by this we mean, giving the problem your undivided attention.

Often times we are asked, well how can the problem solve itself if I do not intend to fix it? To this we reply, it certainly cannot be solved by giving it your undivided attention. The reason is very simple. What you focus on will always expand. You cannot experience what you do not resonate with. And what we mean by this is, if you become engrossed or fixated on the problem then you only resonate with vibrations that are in harmony with the problem.

However if you choose to redirect your thoughts and focus your attention upon something that is more enjoyable to you, something that feels more peaceful to you then you have quite literally changed the channel; you then will only resonate with your new vibration of harmony, joy or bliss.

Why is this important, and absolutely necessary?Because by changing the channel, you are able to tune to the solution to the problem you are experiencing.If you have a problem, then you can rest assured there is also a solution to that problem.You’re task is to find a way to tune to the resonance of the solution rather than the problem.

By acknowledging that this problem you are facing does indeed have an equal solution you begin to summon the solution to you.Anticipate its arrival, but do not try to logically solve it with your mind. Just simply allow it to flow to you so that when you receive the sudden spark of clarity you will be receptive and aware of its presence.

We would suggest finding many forms of distractions especially when this practice is new to you. Music is a wonderful distraction and often times pulls you into a completely different frame of mind, for some exercising or walking in nature soothes their soul, for others, they prefer to meditate or read a good book or surround their selves with amusing people.

Whatever your recipe is for concocting a completely new vibration makes no difference. You see, ironically the only way for the so called “fire” to put itself out is to starve it, to suffocate it. And so it is with any and all of your problems, you must starve them by giving your attention so completely to its opposite that they can no longer survive.

One of the most beautiful things in your world is that your focus will fuel or suffocate anything you give your attention to. The more attention you give to any situation, whether you perceive it to be in the past, present or future does not matter. Yet one thing is for sure, if it is your focus, it will become your present very quickly.

The stronger the focus, the faster the manifestation and this is why we say, brush off the problems that seemingly arise around you; as they cannot remain for long if you do not give them your attention. Uplift your thoughts, uplift your focus, uplift your life one thought at a time.

We hope that we have been of service to you and that you have found this message to be helpful to you in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

If you have not already downloaded your free channeled audio message “How to manifest Anything You Desire” You can do so HERE

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– Dr. Taryn Crimi

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Much Love,

Dr. Taryn Crimi

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Karen Downing: 4 Steps to Integrating Your Anger

4 Steps to Integrating Your Anger

In our most recent Again & Again podcast, one of things we discussed is anger, and how it can affect the Dark Night of the Soul. For me personally, anger has been one of the most challenging emotions to learn how to integrate. There are many books and resources out there for facing fears and understanding sadness, but the books on anger tend to focus on managing it, not healing it. I choose to look at ways in which I can integrate my anger, so that it can be used constructively, and not destructively.

Anger contains powerful information, it can help us learn more about our past life patterns, and our Soul Mission, but only if we approach anger with mindful awareness. That can be a challenge itself, because our social norms do not have a place for anger, and that is why we have so much anger exploding around us in road rage, political arguments, and workplace tensions. We as a humanity are not properly taught how to process our anger, and therefore we tend to stuff it down deep inside of us. Unfortunately, all that does is turn us into a dormant volcano, just waiting for the right phrase or word for the angry lava to spew out of us.

Step 1 in integrating anger is to accept that you, me, and everyone else holds onto anger. We all have it! There is no way around it. To deny the existence of your anger is the most dangerous thing you can do. Without accepting that you have the ability to be angry, you will never be able to recognize it in those pre-eruption moments, before it becomes a guiding force for your actions.

Step 2 is to learn what your specific pre-eruption moments look like. Do you have an increase in heartbeat? Does your neck vein throb? Do your cheeks get flush? Do you shake? Do you feel like wanting to run away from the situation in front of you? What are your signs of imminent eruption? By arming yourself with awareness, and understanding of what to look for, you can begin to spot your anger at earlier and earlier stages. Eventually, you will be able to spot your anger when it is at the stage of annoyance, like a mosquito buzzing around your ears when you are trying to fall asleep. It is at the annoyance stage, when anger is best suited for integration into your energy body system.

Step 3 is to talk with your anger. Discover what it and your Ego are trying to tell you. Perhaps, it feels disrespected, or is upset it cannot be in control of a situation. Ask your anger, “What prompted this feeling?” and dig deeper to find out what energy is the root cause of the anger. It is from past life experiences, or from early on in this lifetime? What were the details of the situations that connect to the anger? Dig as deep as you can, until the answers stop flowing. Write all this down and journal on it if you can, often this will lead to further insights along the way.

Step 4 is integration. Learning the details that created your anger is how you integrate it. For example, you have a past life where you were persecuted for your belief system. Let’s work with that example to show you how you can integrate your anger into your life now. This root cause of the anger will have you feeling reactive to situations where you are facing others who have beliefs at odds to your own. This has potential to show up in many life areas, not just politics and religion. Look to health, diet, career choices, how you raise your children, or any other important life factors connected with how you define yourself. In that self-identification you have reinforced your own belief system, and your anger wants you to defend it. Therefore, if someone says something that your Ego sees as being a judgement or dig at your belief system, that will be transferred to your Ego believing that the other person is in judgment of you. Integration comes from seeing that the past life judgment is directly connected to how you expect judgment to appear in your life now. You might say to yourself on a mental level that you are not in a state of expecting judgments, however the emotional expectation of judgment is certainly there, or you would never have felt angry in this type of situation. Starting with your root causes of anger and connecting them to your state of mind now is the integration process.

Imagine each detail of past and present lifetimes is a thread in a giant blanket. The blanket is so large it is nearly smothering you under the weight of it all. So, now you go along and start pulling out the threads you no longer need, shrinking the blanket to just the right size and right the right thickness for your life. The discarded threads of anger (or other emotions too), are now singled out, and you can examine them further and discover connections and overlaps you were unaware of before. Once you see how the past life threads have formed the fabric of the present, then you have started to integrate the anger. The more of these past life threads you identify, the more emotion you will also integrate. Plus, the blanket left behind is further focused and refined to fit your Soul Mission precisely, with no extra information to cloud your focus.

Take some time today and reflect upon your anger, go through the steps above slowly and completely. Do this exercise often to reveal more and more of those threads, pluck them out and understand why they were there in the first place. Each time you integrate more of your anger, you are removing the extra weight of emotions you no longer need, and left behind is the pure focus of how to put your past and present life experience into action as your Soul Mission.