Tania Gabrielle: Jupiter brings Good News this week!


What an exciting week as Jupiter aligns with Mercury today and then trines Chiron on Thursday!

Healing and positivity will be given a huge boost!

Jupiter is nearly at the end of its journey through Scorpio which began in October, 2017.

As Jupiter finishes the final degrees in Scorpio, we are acknowledging and clearing out the last remnants of deep emotional issues – bringing to light feelings that need our attention, before Jupiter moves into Sagittarius next week, on November 8.


First, Jupiter’s conjunction with Mercury on Monday (Tuesday in Asia/Australia) invites you to focus on expansive, positive goals.


Jupiter is all about joy and Mercury governs the news.

Essentially, Jupiter joining with Mercury brings GOOD NEWS!

  • You’re feeling positive and optimistic and initiating positive plans for the future.
  • You have breakthrough conversations with people leading to clarity and happy results.
  • You are open – and they are open.

Then Jupiter’s aspect to Chiron becomes exact on Thursday.

Awareness about a part of your life that needs healing is now greatly increased – and the healing is transformational and powerful.

Since Chiron is in Pisces, you TRUST the process, you TRUST in the divine intelligence, you TRUST the Goodness of Source.

Sometimes, when challenges arise, our minds can’t assimilate all parts of the situation and we may forget that there is a greater force of Love that predominates everything.

This week you are OPEN to healing… open to transcend disillusionment or confusion.. with LOVE.

Chiron governs not just healing, but Love.

So… Jupiter is enhancing love exponentially!

The Universe is preparing you to experience powerful, positive transcendence.

Such exciting times!

Of course, the imminent ENDING of Jupiter’s 12-year cycle and homecoming into Sagittarius always wraps things up, preparing the way for your NEW fortunate opportunities.

  • Make all the changes you want and need NOW – you are totally supported!

You can use your Jupiter Wealth Code to guide you!

Jupiter is the positive, happy, expansive, wise, fortunate, inspirational planet – making sure your GIFTS are shared in the most expansive, gracious way.

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Your NATAL Jupiter placement reveals your natural WEALTH manifestation gifts.

In fact… you have 3 Jupiter Wealth Zones.

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To discover your Jupiter Wealth Code, click here.

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

PS. In the next 10 days while Jupiter ends it’s twelve-year cycle around the Zodiac, many opportunities will open up for you. There’s never been a BETTER time to discover and leverage the secrets revealed in your Jupiter Wealth Code.


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