Tania Gabrielle: More Precious Gifts from the Taurus Full Moon


The Taurus Full Moon is having a big impact on us – and will continue to do so for at least the next two weeks.

Maybe you’ve had new developments in your family life and emotional life…

Developments that have been exciting, surprising or felt disruptive.

Or you’ve felt the unexpected energy financially.

After all, Venus not only governs love and relationships but financial flow and money.

Whatever area in your life is impacted, you want to stabilize it now.


The Universe always provides both the experience and the tools to digest and navigate the experience.

In this case, the Moon was conjunct (merged with) Uranus and both were opposite the Sun – a stimulation of sudden change, breakthroughs, shifts, excitement, and possible disruption – certainly interesting and unusual developments!

Then we also had Saturn trine the Moon and sextile the Sun which provided a welcome “release valve” of stability, patience, and perseverance to consider the shifts with great maturity.

Venus helped out too!

Venus retrograde was merged with the Sun during the Taurus Full Moon – and Venus rules Taurus!

Venus and Sun merged symbolize Love and Light!

LOVE more deeply. DELIGHT in your life.

Essentially, the PROGRESS you can make now is immeasurable.

You are thinking more progressively and FEELING more deeply than ever.

Taurus is a very personal sign. It asks you what you want, what you need, what you desire.

Taurus is also a fixed sign, like Scorpio, so it likes to keep things as they are. Taurus brings such a stable energy. Very calm. The flip side is that Taurus sometimes has difficulty getting out of its comfort zone and resists change, so it seeks stability.

However, with this Taurus Full Moon, change is inevitable. Uranus conjunct the Moon is an exciting injection of exciting shifts – so you’re being asked to get out of your comfort zone.

Uranus is unpredictable. And a Uranus/Moon conjunction means you won’t care anymore what others think.

Moon/Uranus is also very sensitive.

Due to your great sensitivity at this time, you may not want confrontation for fear of rejection.

However, the blessing is that this Moon/Uranus conjunction allows you to accept your uniqueness and accept differences in others.

This is why Progress and Progressive Thought are so favored now!

Furthermore, Saturn is supporting you to make the changes!

Saturn’s trine to the Moon is providing security, stability and patience.

So, expect surprises and shifts (if they haven’t happened for you already).

Open your mind to think outside the box.

Bring in the NEW Energy!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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